Friday, November 23, 2007

thanksgiving giveaway winner

As I rolled out of bed this morning,
(I had to because I ate so much yesterday)
I remembered today I must pick the bonbon necklace winner.
And as the fates would have it (and the random integer generator),
comment #16 -


is the winner!
Congratulations! You can e-mail your mailing info to:

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Well -- congratulations Anita! You lucky gal you. ;D

kevin said...

Hey Sue, I really enjoy reading your blog. I am now officially hooked. Since my two back surgeries, running a campaign for City Council, missing Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here... I am starting to feel like a "tired superguy". Is there such a thing? Can I be the first tired superguy to join the club?

With lots of love, Kevin

susanna said...

Actually, Kev, my friend Shane also has asked to be a part of the "tired superguy" club. You may definitely join!

Renee said...

Hi Sue,

Your blog has captivated my morning--when I should really be working on my novel, but I had to see what I missed out on in your giveaway, so first I found out that I missed out on the bon bon necklace, then I went to the bon bon site, from there, I read your "pumkin sox" and "dance" blogs, and checked out Sara Groves and Rene Gutterridge because I'm fans of both, and I just want to thank you for messing up my morning-=-this was so much more fun than writing ---but just so it doesn't happen again, I subscribed. Now I will never make my deadline! Thanks for the fun little morning--I enjoyed having my coffee with you--with my eggnog and gingerbread creamer and whipped cream--I'm a bon bon kind of gal! (and starting to look like one) And I'm praying for little Callie--actually she's the reason this all started today--I was looking for an update. Still praying, Renee