Sunday, November 11, 2007

good news....bad news

Good news first....
My sister-in-law, Cheri and I, met up at TJ's,
to do a little grocery shopping in tandem.
We get to chat, browse and sip free coffee out of teeny cups.
Does it get any better than that? Yes, it does, tsgs, yes, it does.
Because after hoping beyond hope that the Christmas Joe Joe's
were in stock, and looking all over for them, I headed up to
customer service to see if they could help me out and lo and behold,
in front of the customer service counter was a monstrous display of
(imagine a silvery light from heaven shining on them)
I had remembered them as peppermint joe-joe's, but dearest of friends,
they are called candy cane joe-joes's because there are crushed
pieces of real candy cane folded into a cream filling,
wedged between two chocolate wafer cookies made from real cocoa.
Real candy canes. Real cocoa. It says it on the box.
I don't know who the person was who married mint and chocolate
but I love that genius with an everlasting love.
When I saw the giant red and white display before me,
I broke out into song...just in my head of course,
because I was still in the store.
It was the chorus of an old Winan's song.
Looks like I can feel the breaking of day
Oh what joy breaking forth in my soul

Now for the bad news.....
Now that I have brought said cookies into my home,
the war between healthy-eating-Sue and give-mama-the-cookies-Sue
must now commence.
Last year, I was still nursing Addison when the cookies entered the
picture so I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
But now that I am not nursing and I am trying not to eat whatever I want
whenever I want. And yet I have eaten 4 already today.
Sometimes in all of my twisted eating logic I think,
"If I eat the whole box right now, then it won't tempt me tomorrow..."
Never mind the fact, that if I did eat the whole box,
all those little slivers of candy cane goodness
could send me into a diabetic coma.
So I am rationing the Joe-Joe's (feeding them to my children),
to save myself. They are appreciative.
Addison thinks he has died and gone to mint cookie heaven.
So rush out and get a box, tsgs, call your girlfriends,
and have a peppermint party.
You can share the calories and the candy cane joy.
Christmas only comes once a year.
And so do candy cane joe joe's.


julie said...

Did you know Starbucks now has Dark Chocolate and Peppermint mochas? A darling little 4-pack is in my fridge right now. They are fabulous - beauty and light in a glass bottle. They are the best mid-afternoon 'treat' ever.

Umm, other than those cookies you mentioned. Because, yum.

Bronwen said...

Hey Susanna, I'm Bronwen -- your dad and mine (homer moyer, not sure if you have met -?) are friends, and over Thanksgiving I was talking to your dad in my parents' kitchen and he gave me your blog url. I love it! And I've been waiting to get home to go buy Candy Cane Joe Joe's (which have fully lived up to their reputation -- my 1 1/2 year old thinks so too). My blog is if you want to check it out. Fun to find you!