Sunday, November 18, 2007

so you think you can dance

What is it about dancing that is so fabulous?
I'm no "Jenny from the block" but I really do love it so.
I love to dance with my boys.
After watching High School Musical 2 a bajillion times,
we have mastered the Bet on it dance,
the I don't dance dance and are now we moving on
to Work this out dance.
And believe me, tsgs, when I say, WE. ARE. WORKING. IT. OUT.
Oh yes, we are. Even 19 month old Addie,
has the dancing gene and he gets his groove on,
pointing his finger repeatedly at the ground
and doing a kind of hop-skip-and-hitch-up-his-pudgy-little-leg dance.
I do a jig of joy when good things happen in my life.
I do a happy dance when I eat something that tastes really good.
Every now and then Scott and I have an early 90's dance off
and the children look away in shame.
I love all kinds of dancing. Except that chicken dance.
I don't know who created the chicken dance that people do at weddings
but that is not really a dance, just in case you were thinking it was.
But I digress.
When I was in my 20's I got to be a part of a 40's
musical and learned to swing dance.
I always felt like I was going to vomit right before I went on,
but the feeling of being out there, swinging and jiving,
made me feel alive. The music, the moves, the joy...rapturous.
So you must believe me when I say,
when I found out there was a possibility that I could go see
the So You Think You Can Dance Tour, I got real sweaty.
And had a few heart palpations.
And felt a little bit like I could be sick.
And then when I nailed down that YES, I was ABSOLUTELY going,
I had to do a little grapevine across the kitchen,
then I threw in a Jackson 5 shimmy with a touch of James Brown
I'm-sinking-down-to-my-knees-somebody-put-a-cape-on-me dance of joy!
Because nothing can be more fun than watching people dance,
who love it and do it so very well.
And this is the week that it all goes down.
Shout outs to my sister, Jenny and Do, for the tickets!
Dreams do come true, tired supergirls, dreams do come true!


Jessi said...

You lucky, lucky girl!! I LOVE dancing too...not that I can do it at all though... Before my sisters wedding we all (the whole bridal party) took a swing dance class so we could do it at the reception. I LOVED it!! I am currently addicted to Dancing With the Stars, as is my entire family. It's our new family night activity!!

Aly said...

i want to see the bet on it dance!!!

Anissa said...

I have to agree on the chicken dance - horrible, yet it continues on, one has to wonder why...

nina.schmidgall said...

I also love dance. I don't just love TO dance. I love to watch others dance. And not just fancy pants dancers. I love, LOVE going to weddings and watching folks that dance about once a decade jiggle and wiggle. I love it because I know it is SO FUN! I mean, you can't be mad and dance. I guess you can kind of be sad and dance but even that is hard.

While I understand your concerns with the chicken dance, you have to love any kind of dance that gets people jiggling and wiggling the same, you know?

Since I know you have the dance craze too, here is a new one for ya (though hipster Scott is probably on top of all of this). Here are the dance instructions to Soulja Boy!

(please do not hold me accountable for the words to the song - I have no idea what they are or mean)