Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sometimes the days are full but the heart feels empty.
Life presses in, and I feel like if I get one more bill,
or the kids argue one more time,
or if one more thing goes wrong with the car,
I will officially go cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
But around thanksgiving time, it gets one to thinking about
the real stuff that matters, the good stuff that makes up one's day.
And for some reason, I am able to let the crazy slide off of me
and really savor those sweet moments that come tip-toe-ing by.
Tonight at dinner, Jack was begging Will to be his show and tell.
Tomorrow he has to bring in something he is thankful for.
And he chose Will.
Unfortunately, Will prefers not to be shown and told.
Jack kept trying to sway him.
"Will, all you have to do is stand up and I will say,
I am thankful for family because they are always there for you."
Will was not convinced so Jack added more sugar to the pot.
"I think some kids will be bringing toys
because they are thankful for toys.
And we read a funny book in the morning and
all the kids in my class will give you a high five."
At that point, Will offered up Addie
as the sacrificial show and tell offering.
But the thing is that Jack is thankful for Will.
That is the part that I love. And Will loves Jack back.
Because just a few days ago, he set up all of Jack's legos for him
before he got home from school and he waited for him by the door.
When Jack came in, Will said," Hi, are your legos."
And they sat down and played together.
Now I don't know about you, but I think there may be
some cosmic alliance of the planets going on
because my children are getting along.
They actually look forward to being together.
I know it will not last. These seasons come and go.
All miraculous signs and wonders must come to an end.
But tonight, I am basking in the glow
of a friendship growing between my two boys.
It is precious to behold. And for that, I am thankful.


Chaotic Joy said...

This was delightful. Warm and gooey like pecan pie. I linked here through BooMama and I am glad I did.

Gretchen said...

Very, very sweet. Funny how God gives you a nugget of goodness right when you need it the most. Your boys sound terrific.

Melanie said...

Came over from Boo Mama. What a beautiful post!!

Judy said...

I too came over from Boomama. Isn't it a blessing to have your kids get along? When mine were small I always thought they would hit a stage and quit being such good friends. They are now almost 18 & 21 and I love watching them together. The older one is away at college, but when he and his little sister get together, they have so much fun! The younger one has a special voice and language she only uses around her brother. It's so adorable. I am truly blessed.

Antique Mommy said...


Beth said...

Sue...I hadn't seen this post when I talked to you this morning! Those are the kind of moments I treasure.

Jessica said...

Here from BooMama and I just love this post! Your little ones sound so sweet!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Soooo sweet!

Writing and Living said...

I found your site from Boo Mama. What a sweet post. I love the title of your blog, too.

susanna said...

Thanks for all your kindess and words of encouragement and for visiting! BooMama is the best! :) Susanna