Friday, March 21, 2008

great friday

Last week when I got a pedicure with my good friend, Lindsey,
a glorious pedicure,
complete with shiny nails and a lovely foot massage,
we were chatting with the girls ministering to our feet.
God bless them.
They were both moms and we began talking about kids.
At which time, one of them produced a picture of perhaps one of
the cutest of kids, with apple round cheeks and bristle brush hair.
And I said,
"Omigoodness, could you not just eat him up?
When my babies were so nice and chubby and little,
I would just eat them up!"
And with this description,
I added some lip smacking sounds and kissy faces.
To which, apparently, the lovely ladies thought I was maybe a cannibal.
Something was lost in translation from my English to theirs.
They were no longer smiling and they ceased sharing pictures
and began whispering something to each other
in a language I am not familiar with.
Probably something along the lines of...
"What a horrible lady to eat her children!
Let's get this sicko out of here!"
But I do so love the babies and I can't get enough of my kids.
I know I have become a sappy sentimental mother. I know this.
For all the complaints about laundry and disgust over the
arrival of full coverage cellulite since my 3 babies,
I absolutely cannot get over the brilliance of my children
and my joy at being their mom.
You can stop gagging now because I know you feel the same about
your own little pumpkins.
What we feel for our kids is beyond ourselves.
It is all encompassing and then some.
We love the way they talk, the way they mirror us and our actions,
(although sometimes this is scary and horrifying)
and how adorable they are.
And so I am thinking today on this friday,
a day that marks the point in time that Jesus died for us,
it must have been a horrible Friday for God.
Because his son, the one that he could absolutely not get enough of,
the one who mimicked his gestures and brought him such joy,
was horribly attacked and killed.
But then it also reminds me of how much God must absolutely love us.
His other kids. That he was willing to see Jesus endure such
cruelty on our behalf so that we could know him.
To realize that he feels the same way we feel about our kids,
but even more so, is something I can hardly get my mind around.
And in that way, today is a truly great Friday.
Remembering that God just can't get enough of me changes everything.

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Lindsey said...

Thank you for sharing this post! God is good. Happy Easter to you and your family!