Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a full life

So we are going on vacation after church on Easter Sunday.
We are flying the coop and heading to a beach house
that some friends own.
We are headed out for some rest, some book reading,
some bike riding and some general bliss.
But before we can load up the car and trek out of here
we have to make it through the next three days.
The next three days would entail
making cupcakes for Jack's class party tomorrow,
filling out applications for Jack and Will for school next year,
(where are those vaccine records, anyway? and why do I always wait until
the deadline before I begin searching for the records?)
sending off our taxes (say a fervent prayer on behalf of the taxes),
celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday,
(birthday shout out to Kevin today - can't wait to eat cake in your honor!)
folding and putting away the 7 loads of laundry scattered across my house
(this is the actual number of loads currently accounted for...
I refuse to acknowledge any full hampers
or socks lodged in closet corners at this time - they are dead to me)
decorating at a wedding on Friday,
(wedding shout out to Aaron and Jen - can't wait to eat cake in your honor!)
prepping the easter egg hunt for kids church on Sunday,
(say a fervent prayer that I don't eat all the candy before the hunt...
I tend to turn to chocolate when things get hectic)
attending worship practice for Easter,
keeping kids out of Scott's office while he prepares Easter message,
(this is more difficult than it sounds - there is a magnetic force
field that pulls the children into the office)
buying Addie's birthday present,
baking a cake for Addison's birthday party on Sunday afternoon,
(birthday shout out to Addie - can't wait to bake a cake in your honor!
....or maybe just buy you some cupcakes)
painting Jack's bed (don't even ask)
(okay, you can ask....his bed collapsed from years of use,
an angel from God gave us another bed but it needed a few touch ups
and I decided why not just paint it...why not?
I don't have anything else going on...
but I ran out of paint half way through and it needs to be finished
before we leave....see,I told you you shouldn't ask)
cleaning the house for Addie's party,
cleaning up after the party,
packing the clothes for the trip,
loading the children, their gear, our food and our poor
tired selves into the car to drive 4 hours Sunday evening to the
blissful beach house?
Sometimes life can feel very full.
And I know while I am typing this that some of you could top me with
your own fullness in these next 3 days, yes, you could,
because sometimes it seems we are not so much on the journey of life,
as we are being run over by life.
So I woke up this morning and asked Jesus to help me
because I would appreciate not being run over this weekend.
And I think he already is.....
because I just realized I will be eating a different
kind of cake every day for the next 4 days.
That's the kind of thing that can really help a girl out.


Jessi said...

Hearing about your laundry makes me feel not so bad about all my laundry sitting about...thanks for making me smile on an otherwise dreary day!

Leslie said...

Dude...that's all I can say. Dude.

That, and hang in there. Oh yeah, and thank the Lord for cake! Love you, Les P.

Shane said...

Happy Birthday to your 2 year old! Max's birthday is on Sunday. Here's to our boys!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sometimes, a full stomach is the symbol of a full life.

May you be very full the next few days. Full of love and joy and God's amazing gifts.

Toddler Chasin' Burb Dweller said...

Oh for goodness sake, woman, did you jump into my head and steal my life??! This blog is hilarious! When I started reading I thought to myself "Self, this tired supergirl ought to write a book!" Lo and behold, you're thinking the same thing. Coincidence? I think not.

Thanks for keeping me in stitches and for putting into word what none of the rest of us have time to stop and write! Look out Barnes and Noble, here comes the tired supergirl! (BTW... I've got a great book cover idea for you when the time comes!)

(BTWx2... I'm LesP's cousin. We met a lifetime ago in NYC. Well at least it seems that long ago, now that I'm married, have a toddler and moved to the burbs. OH NO! I'm a grown up!!! When did that happen?)

Heidi said...

WOW! Take your vitamins!! I found your blog last week and this is the first time I've posted. The whole issue with the bangs had me laughing out loud and passing it on to my friends. Thanks & have a blessed Easter!

susanna said...

I really love getting all of your comments. Because then I know I am not alone in all of the craziness.
And you make me laugh. Which is even better! Blessings on you all and may you eat a lot of cake this weekend, too.

Kara said...

Is it just me or are you just looking for reasons to eat cake every day of the weekend! Happy Birthday to your littlest man in the house! He and I don't share a birthday day do we? I am landing on Easter this year. Yep - me and Jesus. Thanks for the funny post. Enjoy your getaway!

Anonymous said...

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