Tuesday, April 1, 2008

shake your bonbon

Today the Bonbon Charms Mother's Day update arrived in my inbox.
Every time I get a Bonbon Charms update,
I get a little fluttery in the tummy.
Because I know I am going to see something cute and pretty and
something I will want to be wearing around my neck.
And then when I click on the link, I get even more excited because I am
always surprised and delighted by the new baubles and I think,
"I want to wear that right now."
And since I have an in with the designer (my sister, Erica)
that can usually be arranged.
My favorite Bonbon charm is the one I am wearing right now.
A small sterling disk with a heart stamped in the middle,surrounded by the names of my boys, Jack, Will and Addison.
I tried to take a picture of it 13 times
and once again proved I am no master of technology.
I got some dim unfocused shots that looked
like I was wearing a dime around my neck.
And believe me, my necklace is so much cuter than a dime.
Not to disparage Dwight D. Eisenhower,
but I prefer not to wear him around my neck.
So since I can not show you the picture of my necklace, look at this one.

Do you not love it? I love it. I do. Now just imagine it around my neck.
And with different names. That is what my necklace looks like.
But really you should look at these.

Sugardrops, people. Right away when I saw it, I called Erica and said,
"I need a Sugardrop." And she laughed.
But I wasn't messing around. I told her to send one on down. Pronto.
And then there are a bunch of other sassy bracelets and trinkets that you might
just heart as a mother's day present for your mom, or your mother-in-law,
or you could send your husband the link with a little hinty note that you
want one for yourself.
If perchance you would like to purchase something,
you, being the tired supergirl that you are,
can get a tired supergirl discount.
Yes, you can. Just put "tsg" (in lowercase letters) as the discount code
when you check out and you can get 20% off.
And let me know if you decide to get something.
Just for fun. Because I'm always a fan of someone gettin' their bonbon on.
Happy Early Mother's Day, tsgs!

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FrazzMom said...

Great! Now I can't get Ricky Martin's singing out of my head... Oh well, at least Rick Astley is gone now- no thanks to BooMama!

Lindsey said...

hey supa sue,

sooo..i saw your blog and decided to go look and then i got sad thinking about the charm that i lost in the airport along with all other things precious so i thought "what the heck" and was going to buy myself a replacement and then things got out of hand...

i decided to get graduation gifts for the chi alpha students and mothers day presents for mom and grandma and "thanks for being my roommate and pretending not to notice the mess I make in the bathroom" presents and whew! too much fun in one night.

i'm bonbon-ed out! :)