Wednesday, April 16, 2008

for the love of coffee

Say hello to McDonalds coffee. My new best friend.
The other day I was in a rush and didn't have time to make my morning cup o' joe.
And people, that cup o' joe is what makes the world all right.
So I decided to go through the drive-thru.
We are not so lucky as to have starbucks drive thrus like some towns.
And if the starbucks people were toddler savvy,
they would have a starbucks drive thru in every town.
Why not just go in to starbucks, you say?
This is a fine option when by yourself.
But the drive-ins are for all of us moms who enjoy a cup of coffee
but do not want to haul the little children into the starbucks
where they pull out all of the tiny chocolate milks in the refrigerated case,
destroy coffee mug displays and lunge at the small tins of cookies.
The drive-ins serve as a way that we can still pretend we are grown up
and have our cup of coffee and yet keep the children strapped down...
in a legal way that is not disdained by child protective services.
I am a fan of the coffee bean.
I have had cafe con leche in Colombia,I have had some dark coffee in Amsterdam,
some teensy cups of even darker coffee in a cafe in Paris
and some turkish style coffee I had to chew my way through when I was in Albania.
Eat your heart out Juan Valdez.
But I am not a coffee snob.
Just give me a good strong cup of coffee with some milk and I will be grateful.
So back to the McDonalds drive thru, I ask for a small cup with cream,
which they put in for you, by the's a nice touch...
those drive thru people have an awful lot on their plate
without having to put cream in my coffee.
And when they handed me my steaming cup of coffee, I thought,
"Huh! This coffee smells really good."
And then I tasted it and thought,
"Well, oh my stars! It tastes really good. Hello, lovely coffee from McDonald's."
And don't tell the Starbucks people, who are dear friends and who have benefited
from a whole lot of my money, but I like Ronald's coffee better.
I know. It's shocking.
But the coffee is strong and there is not a tinch of bitterness.
Is tinch a word? I'm not sure. But the coffee is smooth. Yes, it is.
So when Scott called me on the way home from dropping the kids off
yesterday morning and said, "Do you need some McDonald's coffee?"
It was almost like he called and said,"Can I bring you home a cup of love?"
And how does one answer the question, "Can I bring you home a cup of love?"
You know the answer to that question will be the same every time.
Yes, you can, sweet ray of sunshine, lighting up my life with coffee, yes, you can.

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Jen said...

Sue, I've had the exact same thought about Starbuck's drive-throughs! Good think for my wallet that they don't. :)

Julie said...

Hi Sue! I'm a good friend of Kara's and have been reading your blog for awhile. It's hilarious and I'm really excited about your upcoming book.

PS. Love the Bangs Picture! Girl, we've all been there!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I love everything about this post. Everything.

Plus, I believe you've just convinced me to give McCoffee a try some morning in the near future. Maybe you could convince McDonald's to pay you royalties?

Kara said...

If there is no drive-through, I simply cannot be a patron. Way to go Mickey-D's for helping Sue with her caffeine addiction! I have actually heard it's really good. I should give it a try!

Jodie said...

I've heard great things about the McD. coffee. Still haven't tried it though - although this makes me consider it once more.