Sunday, April 6, 2008

the hair crisis continues

So here's the deal.
I was contacted by my publishing company about sending them a picture.
Of me. By myself. With no small people attached.
Which is difficult because most pictures I am featured in,
I have small people attached to me.
This illicited a quick picture taken against the wall in our living room.
To which they said. No. No, we are sorry but we can not use this picture.
Okay, that's not what they said. They just wanted a different picture.
But it felt like maybe they thought my picture was a little bit ghetto
but they are just far too nice to say so.
And so I enlisted my friend Bonnie, photographer extraordinaire,
to take a new picture.
And today at church, before I taught kid's church,
I had my first photo shoot.
Bonnie takes fantastic pictures. Herein lies the rub.
Her camera and her skills are so fantastic,
you can see that I have 3 colors of hair. Three colors.
Three colors all on my one head. Not in nice choppy highlights.
But in three consecutive rings. Like the rings of saturn.
The top starts with a ring of brown.
Followed by a shadow of gray.
Then onto a nice rich brownish red from my latest highlight gig.
Kind of like an inverted friar tuck. Except that I am not bald.
How many times will the Lord choose to humble me with my hair?
What is my next hair crisis to be?
Actually, I don't really want to know.
All I know is that first thing tomorrow morning,
my good friend, Dolly, the hairdresser will be getting a call.
Shoot a prayer up on my behalf. Maybe someone will cancel.

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~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Wha??? I came here from my google reader... No Photos??

I want to SEE the rings to BELIEVE!! LOL

Oh well -- never mind.. I prayed anyway.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh -- forgot to say -- I get to see my friend the hair dresser tomorrow -- I may get my brows done. Ever do that? I may... just may...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

"How many times will the Lord choose to humble me with my hair?"

That made me laugh out loud.

Maybe you need a Psalm of lament today. "How long, oh Lord? How long?"

Or maybe "How short?" Unless the Great Bang Incident of '08 has made you terrified of scissors.

Kara said...

Yes - I'm with Jennifer. No picture? What are you doing to us here! Your hair saga is your thorn in the flesh. I am convinced of this truth. This is now how you can relate to Paul and all his hardships. I am laughing right now. Praying for a great day at the salon soon!!! Go girl!