Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the scent of clean

Some people purchase cleaning products because they clean well.
I tend to purchase cleaning products because of how they smell.
I know. I know. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
If it doesn't clean well, who cares how it smells?
But I say, if it doesn't smell good, how do I know it is clean?
See! There is a method to my madness.
Speaking of method, I love Method cleaning products.
Especially the Lavender floor cleaner.

But after something went wrong in the universe
and the Method Lavender floor cleaner disappeared off the shelves at Target,
I was not sure where to turn.
So I found a new lavender scented floor cleaner called Fabuloso.

I know what you are thinking, tsgs, if a product is called Fabuloso,
than it should, by all means, be fabuloso.
And it was only 2.99 for a rather large bottle.
And that price is quite fabuloso so I went with it.
I failed to administer the in store smell test.
I didn't realize that the scent was so strong it could singe your eyebrows.
As I began to mop the floor with the Fabuloso,
I noticed that my sinuses began to drain. And I began weeping a bit.
And then I felt I was surely breathing in some toxic fumes.
So I quickly opened up all the windows.
It was just around this time that the children began
to cry out from the living room,"Mommy, our eyes are burning!"
At which time, we fled to the outdoors from the lavender cleaner on steroids.
I began to think, dearest of people...the Fabuloso? Not so fabuloso.
And I also began to think I need to sincerely re-consider buying bargain cleaners.
For the sake of my children's brain cells.
After I forgot to throw out the Fabuloso,
and Scott seared his retinas on a later cleaning date,
I went in search of a new cleaner.
And I happened upon this day brightener.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner in, of course, the lavender scent.
You should know, I do not love to clean. And I particularly do not love to mop.
But if you saw my floor you would tell me,
"Please mop. Please mop everyday. Your floor is not sanitary."
And after smelling this product, I actually want to mop.
Okay, not really, but I think about mopping more because it smells so lovely.
And it actually cleans. Without causing blindness.
And you should know, it's not on sale. But that's okay.
Because the children no longer cry out in pain and clutch at their eyes when I clean.
Things are looking up.

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cherlynn said...

Hey Sue, I alos love that cleaning stuff SO much that when my Target no longer carried it I found if at the local super Wal Mart. Sometimes I can't find it there so I order it on line for $4.00. www.methodhome.com
Check it out, it's totally worth it!!!!!!!!

Marie-France said...

I am offended by your comments about Fabuloso-I love Fabuloso! Its scent reminds me of Germany (they have cleaning products that smell similar).

I don't think "Lavender" will cut through the crap that happens on my floors:)
Love you! Let's get together this summer-I need to go where it is warmer.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Anything that makes cleaning easier and less eye-burning is a good thing.

I believe Martha said that.

Kara said...

Really? I am not the only one who buys products for their smell? Who knew!! :-) I love the Method Lavender scented productst from Target and I also love the Myers brand as well. Looks like, once again, we have some things in common!

Kara said...

Oh. yeah. Pop over to my blog today. I am doing a giveaway. Free Aromatherapy Hand Soap - go check it out!

Jodie said...

I love the Mrs. Meyer's - the lavender scent is so so so yummy. I do not like to iron. Which is to say, ironing is the bane of my existence. But Mrs. Meyer's makes a lavender scented ironing spray that makes ironing almost pleasant. Except for the actual ironing part.