Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a little love

This afternoon, I found myself flat faced on the floor in my bedroom.
A little zapped from the morning's running around, I stretched right out.
And within moments, two small bodies landed on top of mine.
Addie first. His small hands on my back.
Scooching forward until his cheek was against mine.
Then Will, landing with a giggle between my shoulder blades.
And we laid there. The three of us. For a few minutes.
Being still. Being close. Breathing together.
And I just soaked up all that baby love.
They know Mommy can be cranky and sometimes a little cuckoo.
But they like me anyway. With their small kisses and large hearts
they keep showing me grace and mercy in their exuberant showings of love.
The way that they shove into my side and pull at my hands.
How Addie wraps his arms around my thigh and gives me a squeeze
or Jack sidles up to me and leans in for a hug.
They measure out their love in great heaping scoops.
Yesterday, I wedged myself between two booster seats on the way to Dairy Queen.
In one palm I held Will's hand, in the other, Jack's.
All the way to ice cream. We didn't talk. We didn't have to.
We were good. All that sweet little boy love pouring out my way.
And I don't deserve it. Nope, I surely don't.
But I will take it. Yes, I will.
A little love does a mom's heart good.

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upwords said...

Nothing like a little love... I love your layout. It's so YOU!!

bethamartin said...

I love how you describe your kids loving you!! It melts my heart and reminds me of how God loves heaping scoops, continuously showing his grace & mercy! Thank you!

I also have to say...I love the new layout. It is so fun:)