Wednesday, April 23, 2008

keeping Jack

Jack was doing his homework tonight at the table.
He stopped to sharpen his pencil
And I couldn't stop staring at him.
Because he is getting ginormous. Really, he is.
At 7, he no longer looks like a little boy.
He is a boy boy. A boy that blows bubblegum bubbles.
A boy with big front teeth and mop of unruly carpet thick hair.
A boy who loves dodgeball and light sabers.
A boy who is quite capable of tearing the knees out of 5
different pairs of uniform pants. At $24 each. God bless him.
A boy who likes to laugh and tease his brothers and chat about books.
And I can't help wondering how I can squeeze him in my pocket
and keep him little for just a little bit longer.
So I asked him as he sharpened his pencil.
"Jack, you're not going to do it, are you?"
"Get big."
"And grow up?"
"And find a girl and get married....."
"I'm not doing that part. I'm avoiding girls, Mom. Except for you."
That took a load off of my mind.
It's nice to know I have a few more years to keep Jack to myself.

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Jekissa said...

Sue- I don't know why, but this totally made me cry. And I never cry at stuff! And this was funny! I guess it is because I'm at the same place with Calvin. (Including the holes in the knees of the uniform pants!) I am looking forward to summer when life doesn't seem to go by quite so fast.

Kara said...

Sue - I still picture Jack as that sweet little toddler who tortured Will as an infant. 7? Are you kidding me? I can only imagine the joys of watching your 3 beautiful boys grow into strapping young men!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My son is four. He holds my hand when we walk down the stairs together, he puts his head on my shoulder when he should be eating his dinner (ahem), he delights in snuggling in bed with me when he gets up a little too early.

You mean it has to change?