Thursday, May 1, 2008

a good story

Somedays just don't turn out like you expect them to.
Somedays you think everything is fantastic and then all of the sudden
craziness happens and your plans change and you are left wondering....
"What in the world?"
This past Tuesday when my Uncle Terry went in to have the
stints in his heart checked out, he found out that he would need
quintuple bypass surgery the very next day.
Now that is very unnerving.
But my Uncle Terry and my Aunt Mary are people
who somehow handle such news with aplomb, prayer and some humor.
They have a lot of faith in Jesus and they are just plain fantastic.
They let me live with them the year before I got married.
Even though, 5 of their 7 boys were still living at home.
My cousin, David, lent me his room. His senior year in high school.
Thanks, again, David. So you can see this is an all around terrific family.
Generous and kind to a fault.
So I decided that they probably needed some chocolate as they sat waiting
for Uncle Terry while he was in surgery.
I took Addison with me and we made our way to the surgery waiting room.
Delivering hot chocolate chip scones.
Well, somehow things never quite go as expected.
As I hugged my cousins and set down the scones, Addison burst into tears.
Which is what he does in a room full of people pensively waiting for
their loved ones in surgery.
We didn't stay to visit...with the screaming and such.
But Aunt Mary filled in my sister Jenny who filled me in on the rest of the story
and it was confirmed by my cousin Brianna. (Hi, Bri!)
As I left, one of the ladies in the waiting room told Aunt Mary,
"A nurse just told me you can't have food in here."
Or something to that effect.
Now if it was me, I would have wrapped up the scones or shuttled them out the door
or something like that.
But Aunt Mary has a way about her.
And instead, she offered scones to every single person in the room.
And they took them.
Then the nurse, who had said there was no food allowed, returned.
And said,"Hey, there's no food allowed in here" or something to that effect.
And Aunt Mary raised her hand and said, "It's my fault."
And than proceeded to convince this nurse that she also needed a scone.
And she took one! And later, returned to tell Aunt Mary,
"That was the best scone I never had."
And that is the best story I have heard in a long time.
Because Aunt Mary tends to spread a lot of joy....wherever she is.
Even on the craziest of days. And then on top of that, she's got sass.
And I hope it's in the blood. Because I would love a little sass.
My sister, Erica, thinks that we have just not come into our full
"sassihood" yet but we will soon.
So if you have a moment, say a prayer on Uncle Terry's behalf,
as he continues to heal in the hospital.
He is doing well but these things need to be covered in prayer.
And if you need a little treat you can whip up these scones.
Just add a cup of chocolate chips after the buttermilk.
And don't forget to serve them with a side of sass.

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Kara said...

Sue - I won't lie to you. Ever since I got this recipe way back when when we shared every Tuesday together (Ahhh...those were the days) - I have been baking them for every ailing person and non-ailing person who was just hungry for every occasion. Everyone loves these yummy treats and can't get enough of them. Thanks for sharing them with the world. They will make it a much happier, chocolateier place!!

Leslie said...

Praying for your Uncle Terry and the rest of his precious family right now.

And I want a scone!

Leslie said...

By the way...that was me, LesP.

Brianna Inman said...

Here is a little more sass to add to the story... So when the lady told us that she was told there was no eating, Mary said oh ok, and I said, should I go ask to see if it would be ok to which she quickly responded, "No, we will just do it anyways, and if they get mad, they can blame it on me". Gotta love her.

Toddler Chasin' Burb Dweller said...

Too funny! I have just such a classy, sassy aunt in my family as well. My favorite Aunt Barb quote, and one I use often is, "Sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Now that's sass! (I just hope she doesn't teach that one to my toddler!)

jenny said...

I'm praying for your uncle (my used to be pastor) Terry. And I love the scone story. She is a great lady. I think I'll try your recipe.. thanks for sharing!

*jamela* said...

Awwww!Don't you love families??I just found out my uncle has cancer but they say the doctors have it under control...