Friday, May 16, 2008

more happy

I am always thankful that God equipped us with a funny bone.
When life is difficult or boring or sad or irritating it is
always a good thing to let out a hearty guffaw.
I have never actually heard anyone "guffaw" but I would like to.
It is one of the greatest pleasures in life to laugh until
the tears come out of your eyes or for those of us who have birthed
a lot of people, you have to run to the nearest facilities.
Sometimes you just need to laugh. Hard.
Because it frees the soul and maybe it burns some calories
I'm not sure. But I always feel more alive, more relaxed,
and more happy when I am laughing.
I know that "more happy" is not correct english.
But I was on a roll with the "more-s" in my sentence.
Hence, more happy.
And this video by our good friend, singer/songwriter, Dave Barnes,
makes me more happy.

For goodness sakes, he is funny. I can't rip my eyes away from
his "Naughty by Nature" muscle half-shirt is wrong on so many levels.
I found his workout video on the blog of our good friend, BooMama, who tends to make me more happy as well. She's full of funny, too.
And don't tell anyone but Kung Fu Panda is coming out soon.
It's a kids movie. Jack Black voices the Panda.
And I'm excited to see it. Not for the kids. Just for myself.
Because I like to be more happy.
I hope your weekend is more happy than ever.

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Kara said...

Ok. That's hysterical! Thanks for sharing that one!

Lindsey said...

Oh so funny! Here's some more happy:

Here was a conversation with my 4 year old night before last:

Mary Margaret: Mom, can I take this crap to bed with me?

ME: What? Crap is an ugly word, Mary Margaret and we don't say it.

MM: Well, Mom, what do I call this? (as she is holding up a CRAB)

More happy to you!

Have a fantastic weekend!