Monday, May 19, 2008

monday monday

Today my alarm failed to go off.
I awoke to Jack standing over me saying,
"Mom, that lady that you walk with is at the front door."
Truly this was going to be one of THOSE Monday mornings.
I always have great hopes for Monday but they don't often achieve
the dewiness of a newly minted week day that I hope for.
For some reason Mondays are often sub par.
I really want to like Mondays. Really, I do.
I would like the fresh start and the "go-get-um" attitude that goes along with it.
But somehow I always feel like I'm launched from a very full Sunday
into the hectic week's routine with little preparation and a minimum of grace.
Clearly, when I answered the door in my pajamas
things were not going to be smooth sailing.
My neighbor that I walk with was very understanding. I felt a little unsettled.
One tends to feel that way when they greet a friend at the door in
striped boxer shorts.
There was the normal rush rush of getting the boys ready for school
and throwing their lunches at them as they ran out the door.
And the Monday inertia that set in as I looked at the 4 gagillion
pieces of laundry camping out in the hallway.
The pulling of tiny death trap Monopoly playing pieces from Addison's mouth.
And the horror of hearing Will chant, "Booty nuggets! Booty nuggets!"
in the middle of Wendy's when I told him he had to finish his nuggets
if he wanted a bite of the communal frosty.
Scott almost choked on his hamburger and I was forced to voice the words,
"Will, we do not say "booty nuggets." These are words I should not have to say.
But then again, it is Monday.
Thank goodness Tuesday is just a day away.

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Kara said...

Booty Nuggets could SOOOO mean so many things!

:-) HA!

Those boys keep us laughing!

Meg said...

There's actually nothing better than a 5 year old boy at a baby shower. What with the diapers, wipes, cream, and pee pee tee pees there's enough potty talk to put a little boy in heaven.

Leslie said...

LOL! I'm so glad mine aren't the only ones. Oh...and it's not just boys with potty mouths, by the way!!