Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my friend marty - UPDATED

Every once in a while you happen upon a friend that fits you just right.
You fall in step and laugh at the same things and moan about the
same things and generally enjoy each other's company.
This is one of the great things in life. Friendship.
My most vivid memory of my friend, Shane, is when we roped him into
being a Pointer Sister at one of our college lip sync contests.
He does a mean Pointer sister impersonation and looks good in sparkles.
But he got married after college and it wasn't until the last few years
that I have gotten to know his wife, Marty.
And she is a keeper.
We both are married to pastors. (She gets all the ins and outs of pastoral life.)
We both have three kids right around the same age. (She gets my craziness.)
We both like to be organized. (Which somehow how she seems to accomplish
while I wallow in laundry chaos but I'm not jealous or anything)
We both like a good cup of coffee. (A true bosom friend.)
But this last year has been amazingly crazy and heart wrenching for
these friends.
Within the last 8 months Shane has lost both his parents to cancer.
Which is way too much to bear as far as I am concerned
And then, a month or so ago Marty found out she has a benign brain tumor.
It was affecting her hearing and balance.
This has launched them into a journey of having to believe in Jesus
more than ever before.
Last night, they had to say good-bye to their three sweet kiddos
and fly down to San Diego.
This morning at 11:00, Marty goes in for surgery to remove the tumor.
It will cause deafness in one ear but they are hoping to save the nerves
in her face so that she doesn't have facial paralysis.
Marty has a fantastic smile. She needs to keep her smile.
You don't know Shane and Marty.
But most of you have little kids and can imagine what it would be like
to kiss your little guys and then head out the door towards a surgery
that is scary and a recovery that could be long.
So I covet your prayers on their behalf.
Because the things we don't understand, Jesus does.
And while our abilities are limited, his are limitless.
And its always good to hold another tired supergirl up in prayer.
So if you have a quiet moment, pray for Marty. And her smile.

This is the update that I received from friends on behalf of Shane this morning:
"She's out. 8 and a half hours later. They said it went well and that we totally
made the right decision. They checked her facial nerves and were optimistic
about the stimulation. I have about an hour and a half before I can see her.
Thank you all for your prayers."

Thanks, tsgs, for all of your prayers. Keep them coming!:)

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Erica said...

We're praying, Sue. Thanks for letting us know.

Leslie said...

Praying right now. If you get updates, let us know. LesP

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Praying right now. If I was still in San Diego, I would be honored to visit her in the hospital.

But since I'm not there anymore, I'll pray for God's mercy and healing touch from here.

Kara said...

Wow. Sobering. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will be praying for Marty!

Ronda said...

I know Marty and she does have a great smile. I didn't realize that Shane had gone to college with you Sue. When I started reading about "Shane" becoming a Pointer Sister, I immediately, does she know my Pastor Shane? Very cool!! We're all praying for Marty, for restored hearing, balance and her beautiful smile.

Lindsey said...

Lifting their family in prayer right now....Keep us posted.

Kara said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are possibly looking up for them a little bit. I pray that she recovers fully and that the Lord is able to show His miracle-working power through Marty.

Shane said...

I'm humbled at the post and at the responses. Thank you all for praying!