Wednesday, June 4, 2008

back to real life

Our last afternoon before heading home, we drove back to Boston.
In a torrential rainstorm. It started out as a heavy rain.
A good New England summer shower. But it quickly became apparent
that this was no rain storm to frolic about in.
You couldn't see the car in front of you.
Traci, the unflappable driver, was extremely calm.
It was just those of us who weren't driving
who began to panic and yell instructions like,
"Put your hazards on." and "Pull off the road".
Okay, maybe it was only me panic-ing but I wanted to
include others so I don't seem so fearful.
We all agreed it was the only time we have ever witnessed
every single car pulling off to the side of the freeway.
No one was actually driving.
It seems in New England, they like to do everything big.
Breakfast. Ice Cream. Thunder storms.
But it seems appropos that there would be a whole lot of rain
as we headed home.
Because, as you know, re-entry into real life is always a little stormy.
One does not easily slip back from "having not a care in the world"
to "laundry matron extraordinaire".
In keeping with the water theme, Addison sequestered himself in
the bathroom, turned on the faucet and flooded the entire
room along with the carpet outside the door.
Very proudly, I might add.
He wanted to give me a welcome home present.
I do so love to mop and sponge carpet. It's so much better than shopping.
But even with that, it is good to be home.
In spite of the flooding. Even with all the fun I had,
I still missed Scott and those three little boys like crazy.
I was so excited to see them, I had to re-apply lip gloss in the
airport bathroom. I wasn't messing around.
I had presents and kisses to hand out. A girl needs to look her best.
There was great anticipation seeing them drive up to the baggage claim.
So you can imagine, seeing their happy faces when the van door opened?
That is some joy you just can't buy.

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