Friday, June 6, 2008

i have no plan

In exactly 3 hours and 17 minutes my children will be home for the summer.
And by home, I mean, school is out and if there are any activities to be
planned or to incorporate into their daily schedule, it's up to me.
And as of this moment....I got nothin'.
And usually I like to have a plan. I may not always stick to the plan.
But I like to pretend that there is a modicum of organization in my life.
I mean, I kind of have a plan for myself.
That would be the sleep in plan. And the no more lunchbox plan.
I am real happy about those plans. Real happy
But the plan about keeping 3 small boys 7 and under, occupied,
on the move and yet not being destructive, for 3 months?
That is the plan I don't have.
And the thing is, they have so much energy.
They are not down with the 4 hour nap plan.
Because I would surely incorporate that plan if they were.
I've considered the run endless laps plan but if they
run that means I have to run and I get terrible side cramps.
I remember them vividly from the last time I ran in 4th grade.
I would like a plan that didn't involve a whole lot of tv
and computer, not that I don't love a good round of tv watching,
but after a while they get that glazed over I-just-lost-some-brain-cells look.
And I would like a cheap plan, one that doesn't require hundreds of dollars
for equipment or classes or amusement park passes.
And this is simply because I don't have hundreds of dollars for
equipment or classes or amusement park passes.
Otherwise, I would totally be on that plan. Because that could be fun.
What I'm saying is, I am headed into summer with three vivacious
boys, a handful of broken crayons and a blow up pool with a slow leak.
And that is no kind of plan to have. So I guess this is a plea for prayer.
Pray for me. Pray for a plan. Or maybe just pray for my kids.
Because...I have no plan.

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

I have no plan either. Want to come hang out with me while the kids run nekkid and free?

Actually, I think I'm in denial that summer is here. We haven't had any summer-like weather yet, so I'm having a hard time with reality right now.

susanna said...

I would love to come hang out with you and your nekkid kids....mine will feel right at home. I will pray for the sun on your behalf if you will pray for sanity on mine. :)

Kara said...

No plan? C'mon Sue.

Don't you have a tub of playdough and fingerpaints and squirt guns all in a handy "organized" tote waiting for your boys to explore and adventure with over the next few months? Oh yeah. Me either. I am also working on my "plan" for just my one toddler. I need a plan every day before I wake up just to stay sane and happy inside. I am sure you have seen "Rocks in My Dryer's " Works for me Wednesday "I'm Bored" edition. It seemed to have loads of "plans" to get ready for the summer. Love ya!

Cari said...

Summer came way toooooo fast for me too............
Here's what we do.......
Mondays the kids join the libraries book club,
Tuesdays we do the FREE movies at the theater (check if yours does that)
Thursdays we have a group of moms and we meet every thurs for pool parties...........wanna come?
I also buy workbooks to keep them up with some kindof school work, so that they don't go brain dead.
We also just put a pool in, so head down to Modesto and come jump in. My almost 11 year old daughter can swim with the kids while you and me drink cold drinks. I have a 6 year old too that would love some guy friends over!!!!