Wednesday, July 23, 2008

fashion for 8.98

Every once and a while I like to blog about the deep things in life
like face scrub and capris and I felt I surely needed to share some news with you.
Because I have the inkling that maybe there a few tsgs out there who like sales.
And fantastic price points. Just in case you have never heard about Steve and Barry's,
I feel you should be let in on this little fashion secret.
As my niece, Aly, commented on Monday's gift blog jeans at Steve and Barry's are just $8.98. Yes, you read right, people. $8.98!
And that is a fantastic gift. Yes, it is.
Even if it is just for a limited time.
It's going to take me a while to get over that. The "everything for $8.98".
Good gracious, those are sweet words to hear.
Because sales and 75% off are my love language.
My nieces, Aly and Claire, had scoped everything out, found a store within driving distance and Erica, Mom and I went with them.
Now you may be wondering to yourself,
"Sue, why are you buying things at the same store as your teenage nieces?
Don't you watch What Not To Wear? Shouldn't you be dressing your age?"
And all I have to say to that is...... EIGHT NINETY EIGHT.
You just can't argue with that price point, Clinton and Stacey,
you just can't!
All these? $8.98
And these? $8.98
These, too? $8.98
I know what you are thinking. If you buy sweat pants from the Venus Williams
Eleven Collection, you will be able to play tennis like Venus Williams.
And it's true, you will. And for only $8.98.
So shouts outs to Aly and Claire for getting their sassiness on.
And for letting their aunt come along for the ride.
The $8.98 ride, that is.

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Aly said...

dont forget there was the Sarah Jessica Parker line...tell that to Stacie and Clinton!!