Monday, July 21, 2008

a gift

Sometimes I don't recognize a gift until it smacks me in the face.
But when this summer started I had the sense that it was going to be a gift.
A season that would add to my life. A fulfillment of some things that I needed.
A blessing. You know, a gift.
I am always fond of gifts. Any time of the year.
Especially if it involves any type of chocolate, lip gloss or
a piece of furniture. I love gifts.
Unfortunately, there have been several things this summer that have remained
very un-gift like. The breaking down of the dishwasher. The infiltration
of wasps in our backyard. The fact that my writing has taken a deep plunge
into the abyss of "Where did all my words go? I need some words.
Anyone got some words for me? How am I supposed to write without words?"
But the fact is, in spite of this, the summer has been gift laden.
When I take a moment to breathe, I see them.
I have gotten to spend a whole lot of time with my family so far this summer.
And that is a huge gift since we are spread out across California,
Colorado, Oregon and Missouri.
There is something that feeds the soul when I am with my family.
And feeds my belly, too, since we try to eat
every good thing that we come in contact with when we are together.
This is not so good for the thighs but what's done is done.
The gift of seeing my kids with their cousins.
Because that is what summer always meant to me. Cousins.
Long drawn out days of playing and swimming. Laughing.
And of course some fighting over toys. That has to be thrown in.
And then there is the time at home that I have been able to spend with the boys.
That is a gift. Until they start saying,
"I'm bored. It's boring. Summer is boring."
Then it is more of a thorn in the flesh.
But I think the real gift that I have been given this summer is the
expectation that this summer is going to be a gift.
So I am waiting for it. I'm expecting it. I'm looking for it.
As the days wear themselves out, I am reminding myself,
"This summer is a gift, remember?"
So I am taking note of things.
Like the scripture we studied yesterday morning laced with the promise,
"God is near." That is a gift.
My mom playing Old Maid with the boys.
Early morning walks. Peaches from Modesto. Money to pay bills.
Laughter. Mild weather for our un-air conditioned house - praise the sweet Lord.
Scott's steadiness (in spite of my craziness - God bless him!) Clean towels.
All gifts.
And even as I am trying to finish up this blog post and Will is taunting Jack by singing the same song over and over and Jack is trying to silence him by flinging legos at his head, I am telling myself, "It's a gift."
Because any moment they will come to their senses and love each other as they should, right? RIGHT?
But either way, I'm keeping my eyes open this summer.
Because its a gift.

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Aly said...

another gift...8.98 jeans :)

Lora said...

That's a beautiful perspective, Sue - thanks!

Jessi said...

Ah, yes. Thanks for the reminder.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Beautiful. I'm reminded of the Fernando Ortega song "This Good Day." It is a gift from You.

susanna said...

Aly, you are so right! Long live Steve and Barry's! :) love, Aunt Sue