Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July AND my book is for sale at Target...AT TARGET

So last night was spent with friends and family on a blanket
overlooking the port of Redwood City, wind whipping off the water.
The night was fantastic because being with friends, eating good food
and laughing together is fantastic.
The kids were beside themselves since Aunt Jenny and Uncle Brett
bought them glow sticks to wear for the festivities.
This brought about a lot of hiding under blankets so they could
see the glow sticks since it didn't get dark until after 9.
And I was a little bit beside myself since my friends, Shawn and Robin,
pre-ordered the first copy of my book off of Amazon while we were waiting
for the fireworks to start.
Shawn bought it on his i-phone because he is fancy like that.
And that is exciting. Because my book can be pre-ordered.
Like a real writer. Because it all still seems very surreal at this point
that as of January 2009 there will be a book out with my name on it.
Because I don't really feel like a real writer. I feel like a mom
with a van that still smells like dead cow two weeks after a fermenting
milk bomb went off in the back. That is what I feel like.
It was in this car that I spent my fireworks gazing.
Since Addison thought bombs were going off overhead during the display.
He was petrified, clutching at me, saying,
"I 'cared, Mommy. I go now!" over and over.
So we hung out in the van as Addie covered his eyes.
But the fireworks were awesome even in a stinky van.
And the finale with a gazillion fireworks going off overhead was superb.
I clapped and whooped amidst the stench.
As soon as it ended, Addie uncovered his eyes and said, "I happy now. All done."
And I basked a little bit in the afterglow of knowing that my first book had sold.
AND THEN I discovered this morning....That you can pre-order my book from Target.
Target. The store that makes my heart go pitty-pat.
The store where dreams come true.
The store where I can purchase lip gloss and dinner wear and a sack of fertilizer.
This weekend just keeps getting better, people.
God bless America. And Target. And Shawn's i-phone.

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Leslie said...

Oh I am so happy for you! I put you on my Amazon wish list so that when I have money I too can pre-order. That is, assuming I have money before January, 2009. But I have hope, sister! And it says right there on Amazon that you are an author!


by Susanna Foth Aughtmon (Author)

Isn't that exciting?

Meg said...

While getting it from Amazon would be cheaper, getting from Target is more exciting, I agree. I can't wait to read it.

Kara said...

Sue - I am SOOOO excited for you right now. What a fun way to celebrate your book coming out than with fireworks.....oh wait, that was for our country and your book being available for pre-order is a coincidence.



I am thrilled for you.

You may have given me some inspiration for my next giveaway on my blog!

Way to go Susie-Q!

megsnbigd said...

I pre-ordered the book and am waiting with baited breath for it's arrival... Signed, A Faithful TSG Reader From MO

jenny said...

Hi! I just preordered from Target... we're moving in a few weeks, so it's being shipped to our new address. It may be the first package I receive there.. and I know it will bring a little joy to this sad soul when I'm there! Just in time!

Leslie said...


I am so excited for you! This is truly a dream coming true and an inspiration to the rest of us. I can't wait to read the book. Much love, LesP

julie said...

I'm not sure I know enough superlatives to explain how I feel about ORDERING YOUR BOOK from Target just now. Yipeeeee!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I believe you need to update your profile, Ms. No Longer Chasing The Dream Author.

Congratulations! How about a link to the book for those of us who would like to pre-order?

Jekissa said...

WoooooooHoooooooo!!! I can't wait to read it!

Josh said...

After I read your title, I called my mom and told her to get in the car so we could drive over to Target to pick it up. Luckily, she was on the phone and I took a moment to read on and noticed it wasn't released until 2009.

This is great news!

-Josh Herndon

susanna said...

Thanks for all of your pre-orders and congratulations! Thanks for being excited with me! It makes the journey that much sweeter! love, Sue

Beth K said...

I just pre-ordered my copy and can't wait until January! Congratulations, Sue! I'm looking forward to reading it and will be encouraging all my friends to grab a copy too!