Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the lovely dance show is back on - UPDATED

I am not a die hard reality television fan.
But when So You Think You Can Dance comes on,
you will find me mesmerized in front of the television,
lost in a world of lyrical hip hop and choreographed joy.
This year is no different. And last week was no exception.
My friend, Lindsey, and I discussed our favorites.
She loved The Bleeding Love dance and it's my favorite, too.
I fact I am praticing it even now
so that when Scott goes down the hall to work in his home office
I can play this song and dance after him, showing him how
he breaks my heart when he goes to work on his messages and study the scriptures.
Okay, so the scenario doesn't really work for Scott and I
but it's still THE favorite dance from last week.
Make sure you don't miss tonight's competition at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.
Put the kids to bed early.
Make yourself a smoothie so you can feel healthy and vibrant while you are watching.
You just can't eat nachos and watch this show.
Because at some point you may want to jump up and do a grapevine with jazz hands
and you need to feel light as feather for full extension of the leg during
the grapevine and nachos will just weigh you down.
Check back here tomorrow so we can chat amongst ourselves about
our favorite dance. I can't wait.
I have my leg warmers close at hand even now.

Favorite dance of the night last night? Courtney and Gev's broadway routine.
I'm always a sucker for a good Gene Kelly type dance.
I could watch Singing in the Rain over and over.
Scott has no love for musicals. So I have to keep my breaking into
song and dance while I water the plants to myself.
There's a possibility that a few of the neighbors have seen my high kicks
by the tomato plants.
But that's it.

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Gwenn Mangine said...

That dance was, um, something?

amy said...

I so heart SYTYCD! And secretly I think (more like dream) that with a little help from Mia Michaels and Travis Wall I might actually be able to dance like that! My DH watches with me every week (so sweet) and two seasons ago he even bought tickets for me and my neighbor to go see the live show when it came to Norfolk!

Jodie said...

I have a little something for you at my blog today, Sue.
Here's the link:

Kara said...

I do kinda love this show myself! Little girl and I both could bust a move watching these fancy dancers strut their stuff! I've been on vacation and hadn't seen the episode you posted. What a great dance routine!