Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday morning post about my good friend Brooke Fraser

I"m sitting here posting a blog on a Sunday morning.
You are not hallucinating. Breathe deeply in and out.
I have not fallen away from the Lord or from church set up or any of those things.
Say a prayer of thanks. We are having church at our house tonight
instead of this morning because we are going to have a potluck and
toast marshmallows while studying the scriptures and learning about deep things.
And toasting marshmallows is not fun in the day time.
Hence, church at night. Kind of fun. It's always fun to change things up.
So I am sitting here leisurely drinking a cup of coffee and
wanted to pass on a quick message (or not so quick)
to all of you regarding my good friend, Brooke Fraser from New Zealand.
Singer, song writer, worship leader, poet, humanitarian.
Okay, so she's not really my good friend.
Brooke and I met on youtube via my other good friend, Sophie (BooMama).
Okay, so Sophie's not really my good friend either.
But she makes me laugh all the time.
And I believe if we did sit down for a cup of coffee,
we would thoroughly enjoy talking about little boys,
the excitement of High School Musical 3 coming out on the big screen
and the merits of pound cake.
While that is neither here nor there, she is my link to the music world.
I peruse her daily linky interwebby awesomeness to find out new artists to enjoy.
A few months ago she had a link to Brooke Fraser.
I watched her Shadowfeet video a gagillion times in a row.

Until Scott said, "Good Lord, woman, find another song to listen to!"
Or something to that effect. So then I started listening to her song Albertine.

Her song to a small boy in Rwanda, keeping faith with him, sharing his story
with the world. And it made me cry. Because things of that nature do.
Fast forward to yesterday, when I received e-mail from World Vision.
Our family supports two sweet little guys from Africa through their relief
organization who are Jack and Will's age.
World Vision keeps their child sponsors updated on events they are hosting.
And World Vision partners with Brooke Fraser to tell stories of Africa
and about touching the world and helping Jesus heal some hard places.
Brooke is coming to San Francisco to Slims for a concert on September 14.
Look how all these good things are coming to pass!
Brooke Fraser and World Vision spreading a message of hope in my backyard.
So all that to say, if there is anyway I can,
I will be getting myself to that concert.
And I wanted to let you know so that you can get there, too, if you live close by.
Or if you want to know more about sponsoring a child and bringing clean water
and hope to someone far away.
Or if you just want to watch Brooke Fraser's Albertine a gagillion times.
Because it is that good.
By the way, this is officially the most link happy blog I have ever posted...
click on makes it more fun and exercises your fingers more.
Maybe I'll see you in San Francisco.
I'll be the one mouthing all the words to Shadowfeet.

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julie said...

Ah, caught me off guard with this one. Tears are rolling down my face. Those videos! You know I am not big on the "outward expression" stuff, but seeing children in need is something that speaks to my soul on a level which defies words.

Chris and I decided (separately, long before we married each other) that we would commit to the standard found in Luke, "To whom much is given, much is required" and have opened our hearts to giving opportunities ever since. He does much better at this than I, if you must know. :-)

Thank you for the timing of this post. It is a confirmation for our little family in a way I couldn't begin to express here.