Monday, August 18, 2008

we're out here in the wide open spaces

Scott and the boys and I landed in Colorado amidst a rain storm.
We're squeezing in a much needed vacation before school starts
We are here to take a long deep relaxing breath.
And out here there is a lot of free air to breathe.
Let me say that there are some cool things about Colorado.
First of all, there is space. And then more space.
And just in case they think someone might take up all that free space,
the City of Fort Collins has designated some more space
that can not be built upon... for spaces sake.
Coming from the San Fransisco peninsula,
we don't know what to do with confronted with open non built out space.
We are disoriented with all the fresh air and start saying things like,
"Don't they want buildings here?" and
"There's so much sky...I never knew there could be so much sky?
and "Why does it take so long to get to the next stop light?
Are there always 3 miles in between stop lights?" and things of that ignorant nature.
But the boys are loving it.
Because grandma and grandpa have a big chunk of yard called pasture that surrounds their house. Yep, pasture.
Which is just a nice word for...some more space.
And the other cool thing they have in Colorado is wild life.
Coyotes. Prairie dogs. Rabbits. Grasshoppers. Frogs. Critters.
And we have found even some dead critters.
Carcasses of some poor creatures that have passed on.
And apparently, nothing brings more joy to a small boys heart than a carcass.
This is something I didn't know.
So far we have discovered a dead bunny, a dead prairie dog and a tiny dead frog. All in various states of decomposition which has the boys revelling in talking
of guts and beetles and skeletons.
Be still their quickly beating little boy hearts!
So we are sitting back and enjoying the space and the critters.
And enjoying the sensation of taking a deep full relaxing breath.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm trying to find a different word for it, but there just isn't one to be found:


Enjoy your vacation (like you can help it in a place like that!)

Kimberly said...

We LOVE Colorado! I'm also a little jealous, but not as much as I normally would since we're enjoying our own change of scenery here in Argentina. Beautiful but in a different sort of way. God's creation is awesome!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

First, you experience space in Colorado.

Next, plan a vacation to Minnesota in January. You'll see what it's like to be cold!

(You live on the peninsula? We need to talk.)