Wednesday, August 20, 2008

some people have never been to sonic before

I know that all over America there are Sonic drive-ins.
I believe that my good friend Paula even praised the good Lord
at the sight of one once. Because they are that fantastic.
But we had never been to Sonic before.
We've lived out our entire lives up to this point sans Sonic.
Apparently there are 168,894 different drink combinations available at Sonic.
If you are really thirsty.
So this past Saturday night, Scott, the boys and I, along with our nieces,
Aly and Claire, googled Sonic and
made our way to the nearest beverage mecca of the world.
We unloaded the car and went inside.
There was a board with what you could order and a telephone.
And then there were tables. With telephones on them.
But no people to tell your order to or pay or to chat with about the weather or
question about the location of the ketchup packets.
And you have never seen such a bewildered bunch as the 7 of us
wandering through out the Sonic saying to each other,
"Where are all the people?" and "There is no place to order." and
"Do we pick up the phones?" and "Where are all the people?"
Do you remember Mork from Ork? Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady?
Brendan Fraser from that terrible version of George of the Jungle?
Hapless people thrown into circumstances totally out of their element?
That was us. Finally, we got brave and sat down but we still didn't pick up
the phone because we were so baffled by the lack of people.
And then suddenly a real person came out of the back delivering food
to someone else and we got really excited.
Like when you are at the monkey house at the zoo
and you are looking in the cage knowing there are supposed to be monkeys
but no one sees any monkeys until someone yells,
"Hey, there is a monkey! Behind that branch! It's a monkey!"
And everyone is relieved and excited because you knew there were supposed to be monkeys there but up until that point no one could see any monkeys.
So Scott called out to the Sonic person who was trying to go hide in the back again,
"Hey, can you help us?" and we pelted him with questions like,
"Do we order on the phone?" and
"What if we want to pay with a card?" and
"Why are there no people?"
I believe it was at this point that other people in the Sonic began to laugh at us.
Outloud. So that we could hear them.
Unbelievably, we got our food. And paid. And found the ketchup. All without people.
And the beverages were scrumptious.
Especially the cranberry limeades and the chocolates milkshakes.
And their ice is crunchy goodness in a cup.
They are little granules of icy perfection,
You could munch on them all the live long day.
So all that to say, we have officially been to Sonic.
But next time we go we are sticking to the drive thru.

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Paula said...

I do love me a Sonic. Lemon Berry Slushes are my favorite. But I must say I have never had this problem. As a kid I went so often that they let me in the back with the other monkeys.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

We LOVE Sonic!

My MIL loves their ice SO MUCH that she will go by there and get the Route 44 cup (which is like a 489 oz. beverage) and get ice in it.

Just ice.

To bring home to pour her diet coke over.

"I already had the diet coke!" she'd say. "I just love their ice!"

Old fashioned cherry limeade is my fave. Yummm....

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sonic 101. Good to know, as I've never partaken of Sonic food or drink either.

Two opened in the Twin Cities this summer. But neither are by me. So I wait.

Leslie said...

We discovered Sonic when we moved to Texas and it is awesome! We also have a special fondness for the cherry limeades. Yum! Now if they only had In N Out Burger in Tejas. I would be in pure heaven...and about 20 lbs heavier...

FrazzMom said...

After reading a plethora of blog posts singing the praises of Sonic drinks and crunchy ice- we planned our last trip to SoCal with a Sonic stop built in...

It did not disappoint!

Brianna Inman said...

In case you need a sonic fix when you return, there is one in the fine city of Tracy... Maybe next time on your way to Modesto you might need to stop on by.

upwords said...

My daughter works at Sonic. We won't discuss how much weight we've both gained since she started there. :X

amy said...

Wow, In all my years of Sonic going (which are only 4, because there are no Sonics where I grew up)I have never seen a Sonic with an inside where customers could go/sit... and the telephones would throw me off too. Anyway, next time you go, try the strawberry shake, I am usually a chocolate girl, but Sonic has got one good strawberry milk shake!

Leslie said...

You can buy the ice by the bag-- I believe it is $2.00. I love me some Sonic ice!