Saturday, August 23, 2008

back to reality

We're back home in California doing laundry and
trying to get the smell of something fermenting out of our garbage disposal.
Who knew a disposal could go so terribly wrong when not used for a week?
Life never ceases to surprise, does it?
I am spending my morning in my robe, making lists and more lists,
of groceries and school supplies and returning uniform shirts that don't fit
and getting all my ducks in a row before the boys start school on Monday.
This Monday Will starts kindergarten.
That is something else I can't quite get my head around.
That my curly headed baby is ready to join the educational process.
Again, life never ceases to surprise.
I have a few conflicted feelings about Will's newest season that I mentioned on Faithchick.
You can read it HERE.
When Jack started school 2 years ago along with his friend Grace,
Melissa (Grace's mom) and I stood in the courtyard and cried.
Our dear friend the school administrator walked by us blubbering and said,
"Oh, give me a break. They'll be fine." And of course they were.
We weren't but they were.
This year Grace's younger sister, Faith, will be starting kindergarten with Will.
So all that to say...Melissa, meet you in the courtyard this Monday at 8:15.
And bring the tissue.

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karalrose said...

What a blessing your friend must be for you during this season. I also cried when my kids went to school. In fact, I still cry and they are in 4th and 7th grade and a Freshmen in College!! The one bright spot is having a friend to cry with, who holds your hand because she "gets" it. I have a friend like that too, her name is Erica--your sweet, priceless sister! I have been blessed with her friendship for the past 16 years here in Eugene and as of today hopefully we will get that many more. (Officially, our newly elected Pastors)In fact today my oldest son stood worshiping Jesus with his girlfriend on one side and his best, girl, friend on the other (Aly). What a gift friendships are.

Kara, in Eugene

susanna said...

Kara- are you trying to make me cry on purpose? :) I love how God gives us people to stand with us! I know that Erica feels the same about you and your friendship(I can't believe Zach is in college - how old are we all anyway?)Give your newly elected pastor's wife a squeeze for me - would you? :)Sue

upwords said...


I'm so glad you have a crying buddy! My last one started kindergarten and my oldest is a senior. When he walked away, I saw her, clear as day, hair full of beads and a sunny smile, walking off to kindergarten 12 years ago.

I barely made it to the van...

Leslie said...

Today was Faith's first day at kindergarten also. She was so brave and excited, in her little green and white striped shirt and green skort with apples on it. I tried to be brave and excited, but once I got her settled in her classroom, took a bunch of pictures of her at her seat, and was shooed out by the teacher (I was literally the last parent in the room), the tears began to roll down my face. I'm glad to know that others are in the teary mom boat as well! LesP

angela said...

I took my baby to Kindergarten today. I didn't think I'd cry, but I did. Then I came home and took a shower without being interrupted, and I read my Bible without being interrupted, and I stopped crying. After I picked Lauren up, we went out for pizza to celebrate the fact that we are both growing up. Best wishes on your new phase in life.

susanna said...

I'm so glad for all the criers out there. I'm glad I'm not alone. I look at it as being in the moment. :) Happy first day of school! Sue