Monday, August 25, 2008

200th post (ella ella eh eh)

It just seems like yesterday that I first posted about my supergirl underwear
and here we are 200 posts later..... I have a fondness for a good bicentennial.
(I know that bicentennial refers to "200 years" but since there is no word
that means "200 blogs", I'm going with it.)
Of course, I've only been privy to one other bicentennial event...
that would be the one in 1976 when I sang "This Land is Your Land"
with my kindergarten class at Yankee Ridge School in Urbana, Illinois.
It's all rather fuzzy and I can't figure out how I was in kindergarten in
July but it's one of those things that stays with you.
I believe I wore some phat bell bottoms that day that matched the red and blue fuzzy yarn that tied up my pony tails. Good times. Good times.
But I was trying to come up with a way to celebrate my blogcentennial.
This last year and half has been kind of huge.
Emerging from a haze of post partum depression.
Selling my first book.
Surviving another year of church planting in the SF bay area.
Rounding the corner on a decade of marriage.
Growing out the bang-tastrophe of 2008.
Connecting with new friends across the interweb (tsgs unite!).
Trying to get a handle on this whole "mothering" thing.
Realizing that plucking my eyebrows is part of my husband's love language.
And then of course, going to Sonic for the first time.
These are all monumental in their own right.
And here you have been plugging along with me, reading away, encouraging me
with your comments, feeling my pain, laughing with me (or at me),
shooting up prayers on my behalf, telling me to keep on keeping on in this
journey of Christ following and that you are doing the same.
And I realize that without you, tsgs, this blog is nothing more than me talking
to myself on my laptop and that's just plain sad. And a little creepy.
So all that to say I thought for my blogcentennial
I would write a song to show my gratitude for your willingness to show up here
and spend some of your life with me.....
(or steal a catchy tune and stick some of my own words in because that is a
whole lot easier and requires a whole lot less energy and creativity.)
In honor of Tired Supergirls Everywhere (or at least to the ones who read this blog).
To the tune of Rihanna's mega hit Umbrella....

The TSG Anthem of Thanks

When tsgs stand, we stand together
I hope we'll be tsgs forever
You're comments always make my day
You're the best - always have nice things to say
200 posts -some dumb - some clever
I'm thankful you're reading now more than ever
I love you more than a marsh-mella
I love you more than a marsh-mella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
More than a marsh-mella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
More than a marsh-mella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
More than a marsh-mella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Just so you know, it is very difficult to find a word that rhymes with umbrella.
And also, just so you know, I like marshmallows a lot.
Especially on smores and floating in steaming cups of hot chocolate.
So when I say that I love you more than a marshmallow it is deeply felt.
And you should know that I'm real thankful that you keep showing up here.
Clearly, I'm tired and little punchy
and I really should just keep to writing my posts early in the morning
when I'm coherent and not try and re-write lyrics but I just want wanted to say.....
Happy blog bicentennial, dear tsg reader! You are the best, you really are!

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Laura Duksta said...

Well Susanna...I'm happy to have found you on this special Blogtennial Day! Congratulations on a great year! I saw in your profile that you were an aspiring author and now you have sold your first book!
I found you because I am also an author of a book called "I Love You More". So when someone uses that phrase I get a little notice in my inbox and your song "I love you more than marsh-mella" led me here :-) Now that I see you have three boys you might want to check out our book as it's a pretty specia story of love shared between a mother and a son.
Have a bright and blessed lifetime!
Keep Shining!
Laura Duksta
author, NY Times Bestseller, I Love You More
over 245,000 copies sold :-)

Leslie said...

Suebie! Congrats on 200 postings. They make me laugh and cry and somehow feel close to my college dancing partner, even though we are many miles away. Love to you, Sassy Scott and your handsome boys! LesP

Lindsey said...

oh Sue Sue Be Do,

I'm so glad you blog. It's a highlight of my morning check my e-mail routine, "did she or didn't she update that thang?"

also, i looooooove your attempt at rhianna. but on a serious note, have you ever tried Trader Joe's Vanilla Marshmallows?


And if you did, you might have to think carefully on whether you could declare to love your blog more than them. They are really good.

Okay, love to you!

julie said...

Congrats on the big 200th, Sue! Marsh-mellas are indeed a treat but the extra cool thing is that you managed to incorporate my daughter's name into your post more than once. :-)

Hope to see you in Oct. in Cali...

Lindsey said...



Very may have a future in songwriting:)


Kim said...

I am so honored to be loved more than a marsh-mella!
It makes me as happy as the sun, bright and yella.
And feelin' as loopy as a love-struck young fella.

I don't have the excuse that I'm tired and punchy, silly poetry is just part of my DNA.

Congrats on the 200th post and KEEP 'EM COMIN'!

pamelitarose said...

congratulations on this 200th occasion! it is fun to read your blogs and as a friend of mine said, enjoy you stating what so many of us are thinking. :) I can't believe I didn't really get to know you in college...for that I am sad because you seem so insightful and have a joy for the things of God, family, and life in general.

So, now that I am thinking of marshmallows and my recent splurge at Trader Joe's on seemingly fresh, overpriced, square little marshmallows (I have always wanted to make Martha Stewart's homemade variety and they were square), and that we will definitely need to spark the firepit this Labor Day weekend and eat s'mores and sing Rhianna's song, I will also rejoice with you, one of God's own and an amazing tsgs and I will smile that you celebrated this bicentennial!!! :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Congrats on the 200! I can't even fathom that...what an accomplishment!

Kara said...

Congrats on the 200th girl! You think you got 200 more in ya? Are the boys going to give you enough material for the next few years?

Well, of course they will! They're boys!

Your posts always make me smile.

Love ya Suzie-Q!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm a little behind on my commenting (that whole nursing thing still) but I couldn't resist coming back to this one to say CONGRATULATIONS! I love your blog and your wisdom and your lyrics. You embody all that is supergirl-ish in my mind.

susanna said...

Thanks for all of the congratulations and the encouragement! So fun! :) Sue