Friday, March 14, 2008

bangs unveiled

Due to technical difficulties with our beyond slow computer
I have been unable to release the bang picture until this time.
Brace yourselves, tsgs.
I thought I would like to take you through the day of bang
heinousness along with some other fashion atrocities.
Friday afternoon
#1 glanced at my bangs in the mirror
#2 was ashamed by the limpness and longness of my bangs
#3 grabbed scissors and cut my bangs just a tad crooked but let it go
#4 got a free moment when Scott came home to run to the store
#5 shoved my tennies on and shot out to the grocery sans kids
#6 noticed the bag boy smiling curiously at me
#7 noticed that I was wearing these shoes

(I swear they looked the same from the back
when I grabbed them from my closet)
#8 got home and told Scott to snap a picture of my shoes
#9 and of my bangs while he was at it
#10 Scott curled into fetal position for the shame of my bangs
#11 Scott showed me the picture of my bangs

(pick yourself up off of the floor so you can finish the post)
#12 I joined him in fetal position
#13 blogged about my bangs
#14 re-trimmed my bangs...straighter but now even shorter
Sunday morning getting ready for church
#1 Noticed that very short bang trim unearthed my unkempt eyebrows
(if you revisit the bang picture you can see the direness of the
eyebrow situation)
#2 searched high and low for tweezers to no avail
#3 feel sure that tweezers have found themselves hijacked by boys
as a tool of vengeance and are lost in amongst the legos
#4 told Scott we needed to buy tweezers on the way to church
#5 Scott agreed but could not look at me for the shame of my eyebrows
#6 running late....what's new
#7 told Scott to forget tweezers we could get them later
#8 Scott looked scared and insisted we had time to get tweezers
#9 told Scott we would get to church late
#10 Scott, church planter, pastor is willing to be late to church
because of the shame of my eyebrows
Scott said that since I have chosen to put this hideous picture on
the web, no one will buy my book.
But I believe you can't judge a tired supergirl's book by her bangs....
or her eyebrows...
or her shoes.....
Please buy my book anyway. Or just donate money to the
"Tired Supergirl Makeover Fund."
Clearly we need more than a beauty week, tsgs.
Maybe we need an entire year at a spa to right the wrong
of this past weekend and to heal my marriage.
Keep the prayers coming.


Amy said...

I just gotta say that right now your eyebrows look beautiful and glamorous in your picture compared to the sad state that mine are in. :o)

Erica said...

Gotta say...hearty laughter was heard throughout the household when I read this! And, a newfound respect for your courage and bravery in the face of short bangs. I too am guilty of the mismatched shoe incident...something in the genes maybe? My girls were ashamed to be in public with me, but I wore my black/brown sandals proudly!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

As they say in the south, bless your heart. I've butchered my bangs a time or two as well, so I certainly relate.

And for your husband to be late to church? OY! That's saying something.

SarahJ said...

This post is fabulous. Congratulations on your bang report.I found your blog through boomama and laughed so much with you.

Kara said...

Sitting in our hotel in Indy and laughing out loud at your post (not at your picture....what kind of friend do you think I am?) Well, you braved it and threw the infamous picture up on the blogosphere. I think people will now buy your book in order to help you pay for your next haircut. You did a valiant effort my friend, but let's take our cute little self to the salon next time. You still look adorable, no matter how short those bangs!! Love you.

Jessi said...

Will totally buy your book - even moreso b/c I've done the bang-up bang job myself in the past (add that to my long list of hair nightmares including trying to color my own hair - it turned out purple and my sister - a licensed hairdresser none the less, dragged me to the salon store where they gasped and gave her a hotline number...).

I too have done the mismatched shoes - to the hospital to have pregnancy bloodwork done...they looked at me like "and she thinks she'll be able to take care of an infant???"... oh, well.

LOVE how you share your life w/ keeps me laughing for sure.

emilymr said...

HA!! Now I see... but let me be the first to tell all your readers that your bangs and your brows both looked FABULOUS last night!!!

Ashleigh said...

I'm here from BooMama as well, and just have to give a hi-five to another mis-matched shoe mama. I don't think anyone really had to guess what my reason was last time I did that--I was at the laundromat with a toddler and was hugely pregnant at the time. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I'd been wearing one small brown flip-flop on one foot and a clunky, thick blue and white one on the other. Someone tell me the mommy-brain recovers at some point???

Lindsey said...

I'll be buying your book...I am still laughing as I always do when I read your posts. Too much, supergirl, you are too much!

Irish Mom said...

BLAHAHAHAHA!!! I am laughing so hard (WITH you of course!!) I have left the house looking like low rent before & had no idea. Good thing my kids are too little to be embarressed!!

Shane said...

I'll totally buy your book, Sue, even though I'm a guy. Reading your blog and admitting it is kind of like guys who watch Gilmore Girls. They're all over this country but they don't want to fess up, but its good stuff, as is your blog, male or female. I may never cut my own bangs or mismatch my shoes, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate your humor and laugh out loud (with you). You Mom's deserve day spa cut bangs and personal shopper shoes every day!

Leslie said...

You're beautiful! But I will keep the prayers coming because we all need them. And tell Scott - purple paisley - that's all I'm saying!!