Wednesday, March 12, 2008

beauty blog #2

I heard Jack chatting with Scott about his facial hair
this morning in the bathroom.
He is amazed by Scott's goatee and is anxious,
it seems, for one of his own.
He is 6 but he is going to turn 7 in two weeks.
He seems certain that his own facial hair
is right around the corner.
I was giving Addie a little snuggle at the kitchen
table and Jack came in, quite excited.
He said, pointing to some invisible fuzz on his upper lip,
"Mom, I am growing a mustache."
And being eye level with me, glanced at my lip and said,
"And so are you!"
Obviously, things have taken a downward turn for the
tired supergirl's Week of Beauty.

Here is a song to get you through your morning
if you, too think you might be growing a mustache,
seeing an onslaught of wrinkles or just plain forgetting
that you are an amazing supergirl, (albeit, a bit on the
tired side).


Erica said...

What's up with the boys and the facial hair? Sam just came up to me this morning showing me HIS beginning moustache (an 8 year old!). Taking my cue from your story, I quickly backed away....

susanna said...

Thank God you did! No one warned me there would be facial hair comparison....which I have never thought I had by the way....

Allikaye's Mama said...

Hi! I just happened upon your blog! And that Bethany Dillon song is one of my all time favorites!! Yay for you posting it! I have laughed and enjoyed your posts!! Glad I found you!