Monday, March 10, 2008

beauty myth busters

I have decided to make this Beauty Week here at the
lovely confessions of a tired supergirl blog.
Frankly, after my disastrous bang incident I feel I needed
a little beauty shake down...
So today we will bust a few beauty myths....
This weekend while I was away at a women's conference
with my friend, Lindsey and her mom, Pamela, a rare truth was unearthed.
I had forgotten my Suave shampoo and I got to use Pamela's which
was Frederic Fekkai's Restorative shampoo

and for goodness sakes, it was FANTASTIC!
My hair was restored to all that God had meant it to be.
It was soft and smooth, reflecting light particles from the heavens,
and it stayed that way the entire day. THE ENTIRE DAY.
Beauty Myth #1: Suave gives you the same results as salon shampoo. BUSTED!

I purchased this lotion last Monday. As of this last weekend, I am still 37.
Beauty Myth #2: Olay Age Defying Protective Renewal Cream
with Beta Hydroxy Complex and SPF 15 defies age. BUSTED!

On to our next beauty discovery...
My niece, Aly, discovered this lip balm at bath and body works
and I purchased some on my get away...

Beauty Myth #3: Bigelow Lemon Lip cream has an ultra-moisturizing and conditioning formula that instantly drenches lips with delicious hydration. TRUE!
Plus it tastes like a lemon drop and you can buy 3 for $15.
Beauty doesn't get any tastier or cheaper than this.
Beauty Myth #4: A pedicure makes everything better. TRUE!
After a traumatic short bang experience and an eyebrow altercation
and mismatched shoe drama, which will be blogged about in our
upcoming beauty series, I found that being treated to a pedicure
has special restorative powers and made me feel almost 36.
My toenails scream beauty with their perfect paint and rounded nail beds.
Shout outs to Lindsey and Pamela who were an integral part of
this weekend's beauty journey.
And lastly,
Myth #5: Boys are beautiful. TRUE!
When I pulled into the driveway coming home from the conference,
the screen door flew open and three sweet boys poured out of the house
and flew into my arms.
And they were perhaps the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while.
Even more beautiful than my newly painted toenails.


Leslie said...

I love the idea of Beauty Week. This TSG needs all the help she can get, friend!

And yes, a mani/pedi is a true gift from the Heavens!!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

But hopefully, the boys weren't covered with cute flowers like your toes? (You did get flowers, right? That's my favorite part of a California pedicure.)

Jessi said...

Speaking of beauty and myths, I just posted the most amazing video clip on my blog this morning that a friend of mine had found on YouTube. It's part of the Dove campaign...check it out if you get a minute. It's great and totally in line with "myth busting"!!

angela said...

I'm in desperate need of a pedicure. And I'm sure it will be life changing. I'll have to try out that shampoo, too. Will it cost more than the pedicure?

susanna said...

Sadly to say, yes, the shampoo will cost more than the pedicure...most miracles do. :)

Meg said...

My husband who, bless his heart, needs it spent $120 on Aveda products not too long ago, and I too learned the Suave Professionals are not at all like the real thing. I'm have a plot to buy the most expensive shampoo Walmart offers when my current bottle of Suave runs out.