Thursday, September 11, 2008


One of my all time favorite artists is Sara Groves.

Sara went to college with my brother, Chris.
Years ago, when she was just starting out and had just released her first
album, Past the Wishing, we were able to have her come to our church.
I think maybe she thought I was a little bit stalker-like since
I had memorized all the words to her songs and sang them back at
her while she was performing. I was a true FAN.
But she was very gracious and never mentioned that that was awkward.
We got to hang out and chat and compare fashion notes.
I believe we both had a pair of Dock Martins at the time.
I felt that cemented our eternal bond...
okay, maybe it just cemented my eternal bond of enjoying Sara Groves.
Sara is a poet. And a weaver of words. And then she takes all of these words,
these poems and prayers and profound truths,
that she has crafted into a bit of artistry and sings them.
And she knows how to play the piano. We call that multi-talented.
Sara is one of those singers that I look forward to each album coming out.
I think my favorite is her album Station Wagon: Songs for New Parents.

I love the songs she sings to her boys.
My favorite line in one of her songs is

Baby, there's some holes you just can't fill
You try and try but you never will
But, baby, I believe a God who can
He loves the boy and he'll love the man

Every time I hear that song it just breaks me right down. Yes, it does, tsgs.
The girl is good. If you have never listened to her, for goodness sakes,
you'll love her.
She's a mom with three young kids, who loves Jesus, and spends a lot
of her time, sharing herself and speaking some truth.
It just doesn't get better than that.
Rock on with your bad self, Sara.

Any favorites of yours I should know about?

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sara is a Minnesota, doncha know.

You've inspired me to check her out more fully. I've heard her songs on the local Christian radio station. But I've never listened to a full album. Off to iTunes to do that right now.

Jen said...

Sara Groves is the best. I was at that NCC Past the Wishing concert, I think. Wasn't it in the 3rd place, when her hubby still played percussion with her? Her CD with the song Fly was released during my first pregnancy, and I couldn't listen to that song without sobbing! To be completely honest, I still can't. Now I've got to check out her station wagon cd!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Yeah, I'm like Kelly...I've heard of her, but maybe it's time to HEAR her. :-)

Thanks for the heads up!