Monday, September 15, 2008

7 ways you know it is monday

1. Somehow you left all your love, mercy and goodness at church yesterday.
You wake up to find you have only crankiness and bit of self-righteousness to serve the children for breakfast. With a side of burnt toast.
2. One child leaves his lunch box at home.
3. The other child leaves his backpack at home along with some unfinished homework that you didn't know he had since you thought there was no homework assigned on weekends and that brings a little tear to your eye since any good parent would have their children finish said homework and return it to school promptly on Monday. Obviously, you are not that parent hense the little tear.
4. You have made two trips to your children's school before 9:00 a.m.
5. While discussing new website ideas with your husband, he informs you he thinks a good mascot would be a "tired super-burrito". A burrito with a cape.
6. You hear yourself saying, "There will be NO BURRITOS WITH CAPES on my website."
7. You want to eat an entire bar of chocolate before 9:00 after considering the cost of driving back and forth to the school and discussing websites with caped burritos.
Happy Monday, tsgs!

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

I knew it was a Monday when I had a lot planned today but the baby got sick (with the sniffles) in the middle of the night and decided to get up on the hour every hour.

Tuesday is tomorrow, right? A better day?

emilymr said...

But your theme song could be from the Flying Burrito Brothers!!! What an awesome idea, Scott!! hahahaha

jenny said...

I just have to say that I kind of appreciate Scott's thought of the super burrito... because out here in Minnesota, we have no taco trucks. Or burrito trucks. Or whatever you choose to call them. And a super burrito from one of those trucks sounds really tasty right about now.

Kara said...

A tired super burrito? Now that's just brilliant! There's a strong chance Scott has missed his calling.

Is there tired super hot sauce to go with this burrito and his cape?