Friday, September 26, 2008

so sometimes I try and organize

I go to people's houses and help organize their lives.
Their closets. Their bill paying systems. Their kitchen cupboards.
But let it not be any surprise to you that while I may organize others,
I, myself, struggle to keep the laundry washed, folded and put away.
And if you ever come over for a cup of coffee, don't throw any closets open
lest you be conked on the head by a falling photo album.
The whole thing about organizing is that it is a never ending process.
Once you get one area of your house organized, for goodness sakes,
you must start immediately in on the 43 other areas that are not organized.
Especially, that left hand corner of the garage that has become impossible.
I thought you might use a picture as a form of encouragement
if ever you feel your house is getting away from you.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the next lay out for an I SPY book.
It is what I found under my bed yesterday morning while looking for an earring.
Take note that I am such an Unquenchable worshipper that I shoved Matt Redman's
book into the deep dark recesses of bed-dom.
It was huddled next to the lost wedding invitation I searched for in July.
I also am drawn to the old people magazine, Prevention.
Their titles are always so catchy, Eat chocolate Lose weight, I can't resist.
And apparently, I am running a small toy store out from under my pillows.
Anyone care for some legos, veggie guys, dinosaur skulls or one of the 8 picture
books I found?
But don't worry, it is all clean under my bed now....
Now I have piles of stuff all over my bedroom.
Much better.

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Jodie said...

OH gosh! We organize the EXACT SAME WAY! One organized corned equals tiny stacks scattered around the room that belong SOMEWHERE ELSE. (But where???)

I totally feel your pain.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I was waiting for you to find a praying mantis under there.


NAPO GA said...
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Allison Spitzer Carter said...

I too have clutter challenges - would rather be doing other fun stuff. I give myself one table to plop all my stuff down so I can clearly see what I have to clear (or as my 7yr old sons says "attackle."

I keep stuff out from under the bed by putting all the blankets in space bags under there. Stops the kid toys, socks, magazines, etc. from creeping in.

As PO, it's really hard to feel ok about being a little cluttered in the ebb an flow of life. There are so many truly NEAT organizers who can even make an organizer feel a bit guilty for not spending more time on our own stuff.

So how do we make ourselves feel better? Maybe we should form our own club for "moderately organized professional organizers."