Monday, November 10, 2008

the memory is going

I'm writing this now because I may not remember I have a blog tomorrow.
The other day I was telling a friend about how I can't seem to remember
things any more. I gave her several examples of missed appointments,
forgotten special events and small things like finding out if hot lunch
was being served at school...before I sent the boys off to school.
Don't worry - the children were very excited by the happy meals their father
rushed over to them at lunch time.
She said that sounded like her. She is a senior citizen. This does not bode well.
Today I forgot about a birthday party I had rsvp'd to 2 weeks ago.
And was reminded by evite YESTERDAY that is was today at 3:30.
24 hours was not a blip on my radar. I'm not sure I have radar anymore.
I was on the way to the store this afternoon
and thought I would call my friend Paula.
I missed her. So I left her a message saying maybe we could get together.
She returned my call leaving a very kind message saying,
yes, it would be good to see each other.
Maybe we could chat when we saw each other at her son's birthday party...
THIS AFTERNOON. Thank God for kind friends who don't hold our memories against us.
Then my sister, Jenny, called me and asked what we should do for dinner tonight.
And I was thinking in my head, "I don't know what you are doing for dinner but
I will be having chicken curry."
Until it occurred to me that Jenny and Brett were coming over
and that's why she was asking.
This occurred to me exactly when Jenny said,"We'll be there between 6:30 and 7:00."
Which I should have remembered since we planned it YESTERDAY.
It was at this point in my day that I started to consider that there is a strong
possibility that I've got some mild dementia going on.
All Sue's lights are on but nobody's home.
So if by chance you are my friend and I have known you for 20 years
and when I see you, I look at you with a blank stare...don't judge me.
Pray for me and pass me some ginkobiloba.
Hopefully, the old Sue will be back soon.

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henryjz said...

This has been happening to me too! We were blacklisted from the orthodontist our dentist recommended because I forgot my son's appointment THREE TIMES! I've forgotten piano lessons too. I blamed it on "placenta brain" (all my brain power being leached out for the baby) - but my baby is 16 months old!

Kim said...

I bought the memory enhancing supplements but kept forgetting to take them :-(
[Totally True Story]

Some days are worse than others, Sue. And hopefully we won't remember them.

Pamela said...

it happens to me... it is tsgs overload. the kids do take our memories... they need them to remember all the crazy things mom does! my friend told me about taking omega 3 and L-tyrosine. neither of these is said to be memory enhancing (i don't think so anyway), but they give you brain power and emotional energy. a good combo. :) the key is remembering to take them!

p.s. I just asked my husband to get me your book for Christmas. :)

p.s.s. i am not sure why we weren't friends at Bethany, but i think we would have gotten along swimmingly! anyway, thanks for the insightful blogs!

Jodie said...

It must be going around. I have been brain dead lately. I'm making errors that I never make. The other day I was writing a note and wrote 'hear' instead of 'here'. HAND writing - not typing which leaves much more room for error. I don't do that. Ever. I am GRAMMAR NAZI. But lately, I think one word and something completely different comes out of my mouth.
I don't know what my affliction is called, but man, I've got it BAD.
And I'm only 29. What hope is there for me??

Raquel Jarabek said...

I've been their too. I don't know if you remember me forgetting to bring you a meal after you had your second child in DC. I totally forgot and think I called later to apologize. It is weird how some things are just gone from our brains at times. Keep blogging. I love reading your take on life.

susanna said...

Good to know I am not alone! Pamela- I'm sure we would have been great friends if we would have hung out! I'm glad you are excited about the book! :) Sue

KCShipe said...

I laughed SO HARD when I read this post! It's totally true.