Saturday, December 27, 2008

oh blessed respite (otherwise known as vacation)

Tonight I am sitting at my parents computer.
My niece, Alyson, is making a pie in the kitchen.
My sister, Jenny, is reading a magazine.
My sister, Erica, is looking at old family photos.
My brother-in-law, Van, is asking me why he is not being included in the blog.
Mom is surrounded by grand kids.
I have no idea where Scott is. Probably chatting with his brother-in-laws.
My brother, Chris and his wife, Traci are getting ready to do a dry run of
their fantastic gourmet pizzas for a late night movie viewing.
We are relaxed. Usually, when I am writing this is not the state of things.
So as you can imagine it is a pleasant change.
I posted about it here. On Faithchick.
But that said, I will be taking a brief blogging hiatus because of all the lovely
relaxing we have going on here. And I am hoping, tsgs, that you are getting some relaxing in yourselves before the bustle of the new year begins
and we have to start thinking about all the chocolate we inhaled over this holiday season.
(or is that just me?)
Blessings on you, tsgs, and your friends and family!
May God grant you peace and some relaxation to boot!
See you back here in the New Year!

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Pamela said...

happy new year tsg! Thank you for the fun, insightful blogs. Can't wait to get my book... Was ordered for Christmas, but it hasn't arrived. Well, here 's to some good relaxing!!! Ciao.

musings said...

I have to tell you~ my friend, Staci told me about your blog on Friday...and I got so hooked, I read from beginning to end over the weekend. :)

Love your writing. You're hilarious and inspiring. So excited for you about your book being published!

Kara said...

Have fun in Colorado girlfriend!!!

cuteonion said...

happy new year from cuteonion