Saturday, January 3, 2009

lest you think we had no drama this yuletide season

We arrived back home after an eventless flight this afternoon...can I get an amen?
However I feel I do need to set the record straight about our blissful Christmas holiday.
Just so you know that all is normal in the Aughtmon clan.
It just wouldn't be Christmas without a little crazy.
1. Addison caught a respitory virus to take along as a special Christmas present to his cousins. One word will suffice. Mucous. Enough said.
2. Christmas night, Will hit Addison in the back of the head with a mammoth Winnie-the-Pooh.
3. This sent Addison to the ER since Winnie-the-Pooh had him careening into the corner of the coffee table busting his nose, cutting his eye and giving him his first nose bleed. He looked a little bit like Rocky after he fought Apollo Creed.
4. Addie got his first taste of surgical glue...every toddler's Christmas dream.
5. Will lost his lunch on arrival at Denver Airport...turbulence is not his friend.
5. Scott decided Addison should not get all the ER fun and had a gall stone attack 2days after arriving in Colorado. Just in case you are ever in Fort Collins and in immense pain...we highly recommend Poudre Valley Hospital.
6. Scott and I took turns at our Beaver Meadows family snow day looking like cartoon characters as our legs scissored back and forth and totally deserted us, throwing us to the icy ground. Scott played it off, immediately doing a snow angel. (Scott says there was a giant gust of wind that blew him over...I have no such alibi.) I just sat there, jarred to my core, not really remembering the snow of my youthful days being so very hard. Like really cold cement.
But after that it was all cupcakes and sunshine, people.
Seriously, it was one of our best family times ever and I wish right now I were back at my parent's house sitting in front of the fire surrounded by my sisters and brother and their families, sipping a hot tea and cracking open another lovely book.
But even so, I'm excited about what this New Year will hold.
A brand new year with brand new possibilities...and maybe a little less drama.

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Kara said...

As usual - I read your posts and I laugh really hard and then cry a little inside for you and the disarray that is your story. What drama for Christmas girl! Kids are perfect for that. I think boys might be even more perfect for that!!! Glad you are home safe and sound.