Monday, January 12, 2009

we are officially potty training

When I say "we", You would think I meant Addison, since he is the one being trained.
But in our house it is a full family affair.
As soon as the words come out of Addison's mouth,
"I need go pee pee, Mom!"
We are all in. I'm yelling to Scott,
"Daddy, Addison has to go potty!"
To which he says, "All right, Addison!"
Which magically brings Jack and Will to the bathroom to stare at
their younger brother and suddenly there are three of us crouching around
the toilet trying to see if he will actually go through with the "pee-pee."
I am the potty body guard and say things like,
"Stand back! Give your brother some room!"
If Addison completes his task, he flashes a giant grin.
To which we respond with applause, possibly a little whistling and
a generous amount of affirmation. "Way to go!" "Good job!" "You are so BIG!"
He then gets to pick out a sticker for his potty chart.
When he gets 100 stickers, he will get to pick out a toy,
an emblem of potty success, to signify a great deal of potty going which is exciting, especially to me, since this counts as year 7 of non stop diapering in
the Aughtmon home. A new day is coming, tsgs, it really is.
Addie is doing well...but we have not been without set backs.
He has been trained for the last 2 1/2 years to just let things go.
It is difficult to try and learn the new "hold it in" concept.
We have had several poo-tastrophes. I am of the school that if something
has been fouled in such a way, it has lived out its purpose in this life.
We have said good-bye to several pair of underwear.
None of which will be missed more than the red Kung Fu Panda underpants.
Our favorite line in that movie is,
"There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness."
I had to tell Addison,"Kung Fu Panda says there is nothing awesome or attractive
about what just happened here." Good-bye, Po.
We also bid a fond farewell to Batman and Spiderman.
But I am feeling hopeful.
That we have many awesome and attractive and diaper free days ahead.
A girl can dream, can't she?

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Girly Muse said...

you made my day by commenting on my blog today. i am a huge fan of your blog and am anxiously awaiting your book in the mail. :) don't be scared. that sounded slightly stalker-ish. haha

oh potty training. my heart goes with you. my son can go weeks/months without having an accident and then RIGHT before church is going to start...when i'm supposed to be on the organ bench...i get word that he's had a catastrophe in the lower regions. sadly, we have had to say goodbye to lots of friends too...but of the lightning and thomas variety. :) i FEEL your pain. fight the good fight.

Erica said...

Dream on, sister!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I agree with the tossing of the undies. When Connor was potty training last year, I tossed many Diegos in the trash (inside three layers of plastic bags for smell protection).

Go, Diego, Go.

scott aughtmon said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I will keep fighting on!

susanna said...

I just realized I posted as Scott...he might not think that is as funny as I do right now. Just for the record, it is me, Sue, fighting the good fight!

Leslie said...

I don't even have the guts to try yet. Every time I talk to JD about it he says, "Not yet." I will pray for great success! And then, I will need your prayers when it is my turn! :) LesP

Kim said...

Girl, my boy is 27 but your post brought back some memories! Boys are just harder to train than girls. It took a move across the country 8 months after we started the process before we saw success.

Hang in there. He'll be potty trained by the time he goes to kindergarten. LOL