Thursday, February 12, 2009

the my-friend-lori-said-to-let-it-go-so-i'm-going-to giveaway

So this is the thing.
I am exhausted. There is nothing funny about that.
If I could make it funny I would.
Okay, well, maybe my hair looks a little funny. It's been a pony tail week.
And apparently the stress is showing a bit on my face.
When the boys and I were trying to look at the veins in each others foreheads
last night at dinner, Will asked me,
"Are these lines called veins, Mom?"
To which Jack responded,
"No, Will, those are wrinkles. Big wrinkles."
Thank you, Jack, for your deep insights into my forehead lines.
I'm in the tail end of writing this book and let's just say that deadlines and me?
Not so much.
I am at a creative impasse. I am impressed with myself that I can even recall
what the word impasse means at this point.
So that is why I have been listening to this song over and over.
Let it Go by Lori Sabin, a tired supergirl in her own right who writes over at girlymuse.
She has a way with words and a way with songs.
This is one of those songs that just breaks it right down.
I have just put in on repeat throughout the day. I like to wear a song out.
I love when people share what God has put inside them with the rest of us.
It helps us in life to know that other people are right where we are.
And Lori has graciously offered her CD Let it Go as a giveaway
to us supergirls here at the blog.
So leave your name in the comments
and whatever it is that you would like to let go of at the moment.
I would like to let go of the deep wrinkles in the middle of my forehead so the children
will stop mocking me at dinner.
If you don't win the CD, you can contact Lori at her blog so that you can buy one.
This is one for the car, for the ipod, for cd player. It's that good.
Comments will close on Tuesday, February 17, at 9:00 pm.

Take a Listen!
Let It Go

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{Jodie} said...

Well look at that! I'm first.

I would like to let go of being bound to what other people think of me - especially when I think I failed in front of them in some way... it makes fret, which causes that pause sign above the bridge of my nose to dig in deeper... I don't like that.

*~*Pilgrim*~* said...

I would like to let go of the pain that someone I dearly loved caused me 13 months ago when she rejected me and kicked me out of her life, even though she promised me she would never, ever do that and she would stick by me no matter what... but she broke her promise and broke my heart. This was a friend who was dear to me, and her betrayal and rejection caused me a year of big problems, and I am only NOW starting to get over it, and God has had to do a big work in me... I would SO much like to let it ALL go. All of the pain, the unforgiveness, the bad memories, the hurt, the rejection, everything.

Meg said...

I'd like to let go of the desire to do everything perfectly the first time. Like raising my daughter and being a stay-at-home mom. I'd also like to let go of my desire to have another baby.

Bree said...

I love Lori and I would love her CD!

I am going to let go of desire to have everything be perfect. My house, my food, my job, etc. I'm going to let go and enjoy my life.

cltgrace said...

Letting go...moving forward, I'm letting go of some junk in my trunk. Nothing will separate me from the very best God has for me. Looking forward to hearing Lori's music - one way or another. Thanks for hosting!

Amy said...

Letting go is the hardest-that has been the theme of my week. I have been trying to let my heart be quiet and not filled with business.
Thanks for the offer of the giveaway.

Little Do said...

Now I know why you put that song on repeat. I now have the words "Let it go, lay it down" playing in my head over and over. I'm on the brink of tears. I want to let go of the financial worry. I can't seem to get my arms around the fact that God is my provider, not my boss.

Tamara said...

I truly need to let go of the "other person" in my life. No worries!! I am talking about my alter ego. You know her...Perfection Patty! She's the one that wants everyone in her life think she has the best life, perfect kids, perfect home, dinner always on the table (2 mins early for that matter) and is everywhere on time and looking fabulous! WOW..It makes my head swim just writing about it! I need to let go of "Perfection Patty" and be myself. I am like every mother out there. I have kids who fight about stupid things. I don't always have my house cleaned to perfection. Sometimes I burn the dinner! I let my husband down. I let my children down. I let myself down! I do strive daily to be a good and better person but, hanging on to the alter ego when in public is something I need to LET GO and LAY IT DOWN!! ;-)

lyndabyrd said...

For over ten years we have been waiting on the Lord to release us to minister in Ireland. WE'VE been doing a lot to make it happen and in the process, our focus was off and now it seems impossible. For 2 years now all that we've done is of no use or so it seems, there is death to our vision. I'm letting it go so that the promised resurrection can happen.

Kara said...

I need to let go of about 10 pounds. :-)

Rachel said...

Beautiful song! Beautiful voice!

Anissa said...

I would like to let go of the 10 pounds I've gained since starting a part-time job in the evenings and the fear of either not being about to get pregnant again or having yet another miscarriage. I hate fear!

Beth said...

I need to let IT go! I go through so many days "holding my breath" - what would it be like just to "breathe". I love that song and I can't stop listening to it. So, I am with you on wearing out a song:)

Rachelle said...

I would like to let go of this terrible cold I have.

fransmomma said...

i want to let go of the fear that something horrible and out of my control will happen to one of my kids. beth moore spoke to my heart on this this week. i'm getting there. i would also like to let go of holiday weight gain. :)

pamelitarose said...

how long can this comment be??? seriously, i would like to let go of procrastination... i procrastinate certain things and it really bogs me down. i would also like to let go of the never-ending piles of paper on my desk!!! and finally, i would like to let go of emotional eating! brownies and scones are so good... so is fondue and... see what i mean??!! it is time to let go!

cindyr said...

Oh, Lori! I just heard about you through reading "My Bangs Look Good" by Susanna Aughtmon and had to look up the song she mentioned. I know you posted this blog a long time ago, but are you still offering to send the CD to me if I comment?? I am in the process of letting a lot of things go - anxiety, feelings of abandonment and lack of trust in my marriage, lack of control over what my adult daughter is doing, all in exchange for knowing GOD IS IN CHARGE and will redeem anything I throw at His feet. I am tired for sure, but moving in the right direction, only by God's grace and the prayers of my sisters in Christ. Thank you! If you are willing to send the CD, please let me know and I'll give you my name and address.