Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 highlights (or downturns) in the life of a tired supergirl

1. I am in the thick of writing an other Tired Supergirl book due for release in March 2010 . Thank you, Revell!
2. Writing another book requires some brain activity on my part along with some divine inspiration . Help me, Jesus!
3. Using some of my advance money, I found a rug 50% off at Target for Scott's office.
Yea, Target!
4. I was moving furniture around in his office and broke the window.
Very terrible!
5. Did I mention I was pushing the desk forward using the wall and apparently, the window as leverage and I broke the window with my rear?
Even more terrible!
6. Apparently, I have super powers to the rear that I was not aware of. Neither I or my backside was injured.
Praise the Lord!
7. It no longer mattered that I got the rug at Target for 50% off since now I would be paying for a new window and it's installation.
Very sad!
8. I had to tell Scott that I broke the window in his office....with my rear.
Even sadder!
9. Howard, from Cypress Glass, came out within the hour and fixed the window with even thicker glass so that no one else will break the window with their rear.
Yea, Howard!
10. I am putting my decorating schemes aside since they seem to end in disaster and getting back to writing the book.
Help me, Jesus!
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Lois Lane II said...

LOL, how funny (well, sad, yet funny, haha!). I'm so excited you're publishing another book!

Wendy said...

hooray for the new book! I just love your blog by the way.

jenny said...

Yay! So excited for another book! I see many many more in your future!

And I'm really glad you weren't hurt. That would be an awful area to have to pull glass and heal from!

Ruthie said...

Now that's funny but also brings back of me doing exactly the same thing when I was a little girl! I admit to swearing to my parents that I hadn't done it despite the fact that I had splinters of glass in the seat of my trousers! Looking forward to the next book :0)

Erica said...

Seriously, you're the only one I know who could pull this off and somehow just come out seeming even more witty than ever...you rock, sister.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Another book?


Watch out, JK Rowling.

With that kind of news, there can be no downturns. It's all uphill!

Wait. That didn't come out right.

pamelitarose said...

you always make me smile... even if you are talking about your rear. I guess it is because I know the damage my rear has done... no broken glass to date, but I have knocked a kid or two down while trying to bust a move. :)

can't wait to hear about the new book.

Lisa writes... said...

Amen to Target!

Exciting news about the next book!

Niki said...

Wow! That sounds like something my rear would do. Glad you didn't get seriously hurt and that it was fixed quickly.

So excited about another book! Love the first one and look forward to the next one. I used a chapter for a team devotional last night. The ladies loved it!