Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all right, mr. de mille, i'm ready for my closeup

For those of you wondering about the magic on tv....
the magic as to how those lovely ladies look the way they look?
I learned the secret while being prepped for a tv interview last week.
It has to do with hair and make up people.
I told Scott when I came back home that I would require some hair and make up
people to get me through my day to day life from now on.
I need to be kept in the manner which I am now accustomed to.
He said, Sure thing! He would have the boys prepped and ready to go.
But the real magic takes place right around the eyes.
It's eye lash magic.
Fake. Eye. Lashes.
I think I'm sold on them.
Tomorrow before doing my laundry and vaccuuming and putting out the ant bait
traps, I'm going to put on fake eye lashes.
Because they make everything seem better.

(is it me or does my nose look ginormous in the this picture? but it's okay because
my eyelashes look fantastic! So luscious!)
Make sure to get yourself some before you do the breakfast dishes.

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JanaMac said...

You look beautiful Sue! (I would have liked to see the effects of the fake lashes w/ your eyes actually opened though!!) I don't know if fake eye lashes are going to do it for me, I'll be lucky to get my hair washed today!

Girly Muse said...

Oh my word, what fabulousness!!!
Glam Susannnnn-a!!!
Makes me want to go invest in some lashes myself...especially if it would help me WANT to do dishes!!!

Aly said...

Oh you look LOVELY :) they are Fantastic!

fransmomma said...

oh my! those are FANTASTIC!! i've had to wear them for theatre before, but they have always been very, well, theatrical. i've never one 'real' ones. beautimous!!

Jessi said...

Wow - you look amazing! New hair cut too? (Thought it didn't look long enough to be sportin' a pony tail for weeks, as has been reported!) :)

susanna said...

It's a baby pony, Jessi! As soon as it is long enough to pull back - into the pony tail holder it goes! :)

Rachel said...

Love the eyes! That's what every girl needs, a professional hairstylist and makeup artist!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm almost afraid those eyelashes are going to come off the screen, 3D-style, and brush my cheek.