Monday, March 9, 2009

we ate our way through San Antonio

Firstly, thank you, tsgs, for your timely prayers on behalf of
my first ever tv interview. I seriously believe that I was lifted
up on strong wings of prayer, my hair included, during the interview.
(pictures of hair and fake eyelashes will be forthcoming)
Somehow I feel like I am going to die when I am in front of people.
Even though I know this not to be true, my body tells me,
"You are going down. Yes, you are." But that was not the case this time.
So surely, the Lord is changing something within my heart and my sweat glands.
And I am more than thankful. God is good.
Secondly, after the interview, my college roomies, sisters Barbie and Leslie,
flew down and met me in San Antonio to hold up my arms, as it were, and of course, to hang out after for a day or two.
The three of us have not been together in over 10 years.
10 YEARS. Which is difficult to understand since we are all 20.
Oh, no wait...we just act like we are 20 when we are together, irregardless of our age. This is not to say that we held an impromptu hat and funky jewelry photo shoot in Forever 21.....really, it isn't. Okay, we did.
We spent a good 36 hours perusing the River Walk, the Alamo, 5 different restaurants
and just talking. And talking. And laughing. And crying. And laughing.
(history note to tsgs: do not do the discovery channel Alamo walking tour if you are having a bad will break you right down...go and have a coffee instead.)
Sometimes God puts people in your life who know you and love you for just being you.
Not for any other reason at all. And it is my firm belief that you should hang out
with those people as much as you can.
10 years is too long to wait in between hang outs.
Friends are precious. And you know when you are with a friend.
Because you can just be. And of course, you can eat 74 appetizers with them
in a two day period and they will not judge you or your growing belly.
So I'm back home. And that is good, too. I have 4 boys here who I can be myself with.
I missed their kisses. But I won't be foregetting San Antonio anytime soon.
It just doesn't get any better than good girlfriends and home made tortillas.
I think that will be the title of my next book.

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Leslie said...

You were a total babe with your beautiful hair and eyelashes! We should be getting you the pics today. And yes...even the ones from our various photo shoots. Love you and miss you. Les

BizzieLizzie said...

Awwwww - I feel as if I was there with you! I am SO glad to hear how much fun you had and you are so right - when you can just BE - there's nothing better than that!! Can't wait to see the pics!! Blessings your way!!

Aly said...

I'm waiting on those eyelash pictures...come on aunt sue don't let me down now!!

Kim said...

What a lovely trip! Good friends and/or family make for very special times. I just read my friend Christy's story of a weekend with all the females in her family, gathering to celebrate her mom's 65th birthday.

A weekend at Myrtle Beach. Or a few days in San Antonio. I'd take either! :-) I'm making new friends but I still miss my old ones. *sigh* Y'all are totally giving me ideas for a girl's get-away when we go home on furlough, though. Since that's not for three years I have plenty of time to plan it :-)