Tuesday, March 3, 2009

grace for all occasions

Some of you remember the Bangtastrophe of '08.
If not let me remind you what went down.
That would be my bangs that went down.
Overly long bangs. Overly long time in between haircuts. Overly zealous cutting.
In case you need a pictorial reminder, here you go.

As soon as you can regain your breath from all the laughter at my expense,
I have something else to tell you.
I have been invited to come for a television interview to talk about the book.
In front of people. I'm flying to Texas this morning.
Have you heard anything about people's hair in Texas? I have.
It is the opposite of baby fine straw straight hair like mine.
They like good hair, people. So even though my bangs have grown out
they might not have a whole lot to work with in the hair area with me.
This interview is a fantastic opportunity to talk about how God's grace can work in our lives in everyday kinds of ways- even now just typing this I am praying for some grace in the area of my underarms since they are sweating profusely.
So, tired supergirls, if you would pray for me I would appreciate it.
If you could pray specifically for grace in the area of my bangs, my armpits and my words...not necessarily in that order....I would be profoundly grateful.
May God's grace fill you today, too, as you love your kids, do your work and fold your laundry. And as you style your bangs.

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JanaMac said...

I'll be praying for you today Sue!!! Funny/irritating thing about those bangs - I spoke to a women's group last week & had to pray about my bangs too! They're much too long & kept falling into my face, so i prayed HARD that I wouldn't do the "fling the bangs out of Jana's face" move during the entire talk. God is good because if i did it I wasn't aware of it!!! I was getting ready to actually cut my bangs this morning, but you've completely talked me out of it! :o)

Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity - praying right now!

Leslie said...

Whoo hoo!!!

Rebecca said...

If we are honest, I think we've all been there at some point with bangs, eyebrows, acne, toenails or some body part that we neglected and then tried to take care of ourselves. And often right before a big event in life. It didn't seem to terrible of an idea at the time....but it does make for a good story after it all grows back!

I'm praying for hair and armpits and words :)

Lois Lane II said...

Oh, congratulations!! I know you will be awesome! Is there any way you can link the interview to your blog?

Girly Muse said...

In the name of JESUS, let those bangs cooperate, may Sue's words be smooth and anointed, and her armpits DRY as a baby's bottom. Er..when they're dry...A DRY baby's bottom. Um. Yes, Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Lora said...

What a great oppoortunity Sue! So happy about that. Praying for all 3!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Praying that the Spirit that inhabits Beth Moore's hair will come dwell with you richly tomorrow.

Even so, lift her hair up mightily, Lord.

DMSully said...

I was planning on cutting my bangs today! Guess not... What a great GOD opportunity for you. Praying, Praying and more Praying.

Me said...

Now now... here in Texas we don't just care about HAIR... we also care about handsome men in 10 gallon hats ;)

It'll be okay!! Bless your heart... and God bless your hair...

pamelitarose said...

how absolutely exciting! just remember... they want to talk with you... about the book... not your bangs (unless they mentioned that in the agreement??!!). Seriously, what an amazing opportunity. I will be praying for you. Can't wait to hear about the success!!

Rachel said...

I don't know if Texas hair is about "good" hair as it is about "big" hair.
I'll pray with confidence for your hair, armpits, and words, because I know that God has arranged this divine appointment for you.
God bless!

Sharon said...

I've been a lurker for some time. What first attracted me to you was that very picture of your bangs. If I could find it, I have an (ancient) photograph of myself that would bring great comfort to you my friend.
I find that God uses our funny little defects to keep us focused on Him.