Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we are highly uncultured

My niece, Alyson, came down to Modesto from Oregon with her friend, Danielle,
for spring break.
They came over to the bay area for an afternoon and
we tried to pack as much fun and sweets into one afternoon that we could.
This started with a trip to Sprinkle's cupcakes and ended with a trip to Thrifty's ice cream. Because we are pre-diabetic like that.
But sandwiched in between our tasty treats we decided to visit Stanford.
The girls had never been on campus before and the weather was perfect for walking around.
We tried to go into the chapel but it was closed and then Scott said,
"Let's go to the art museum!"
And I said, "Art museum?"
Because clearly I am fully aware of all that Stanford has to offer.
Apparently, there is an art museum with a sculpture garden of Rodin's work.
The centerpiece is a replica of The Gates of Hell door he crafted.
His inspiration was his love of Dante's Divine Comedy.
You learn something new every day. I love Rodin's work so I was excited.
I went to the Rodin museum with my sister, Jenny, and our friend, Kristin, in Paris.
His art is so life like and compelling you can't stop looking at it.
My children felt the same way as they purused the countless statues in the sculpture garden.
I know this because they couldn't stop spanking the sculptures.
So I had to say, "Stop spanking the sculptures."
Those are some words I never thought I would hear myself say.
Never before had they seen so many bare bottoms.
They were also interested in all of the other private parts of the statues.
Will brought me to one in particular, the bust of a woman called "Prayer".
He pointed to her chest and said, "Mom, look what I see."
And I tried to remain very non-chalant and say, "Yes, I see it, too."
He had a very wide grin on his face and I am quite sure he was not feeling called to prayer at the moment.
Seeing so much nakedness brought out a high level of glee in my children.
Clearly, my children have no culture. But then neither do I.
When Jenny, Kristin and I were at the museum in Paris
there was one grouping of 3 larger than life statues with very prominent rears.
We sat underneath these large rears and had a friendly passerby take our picture.
We were very pleased with ourselves. How can I expect more from my boys?
As we were leaving, Jack asked Scott,
"Dad, why did that man make all of those inappropriate statues?"
To which Scott answered something to the effect,
"They're art. They weren't inappropriate when he made them."
Puzzled, Jack asked, "Why? Were all the people naked back then?"
Something to ponder.
For now, I think we'll be sticking to the Children's Discovery Museum.
That's about all the culture we can handle.

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Girly Muse said...

oh my word.
this made me do the loud SNORT. hysterical.

Rachel said...

Oh, for the love of culture!

Aly said...

This was a VERY fun day...and when we got back in the car danielle said...well that was fun!!

HAHAH and i have to say...that art museum experience i will never forget :)