Friday, March 27, 2009

because-mom's-rock bloggy button for your blog

As far as I'm concerned more people need free things. Because I love free.
Free kisses. Free hugs. Free books. Free charms. Free art. Free bags.
Free lovely paper goods. Free chocolate. Definitely more free chocolate.
Now the kisses and hugs you are going to have to secure on your own.
The rest of the free stuff?
That's what this because-moms-rock spring giveaway is all about.
Celebrating spring, moms and free stuff.
Just put the giveaway button on your blog or send an e-mail to your friends and relatives letting them know about the giveaway if you don't have a blog.

Then come back here and leave your name in the comments for a chance at a sampling of oh so delici-oh-so See's candy.

That's right. Free chocolate. All for you. You don't even have to share.
And it's See's. If you have never experienced See's that is reason enough to put the button on your blog.
Spread the joy of free things all around.
Especially the joy of free chocolate.


Meg said...

Meg Lyman

You with us said...

Just added the button. C'mon chocolate!

Byranie Thomas

Tammy said...

Just added the buttoon too! I would love the See's chocolate. You can't get it around here, but where I lived while growing up you could and it is great!

Thanks for doing the fun giveaway week!

BizzieLizzie said...

Oh, yay - just added the button! I'm in - See's you say - well, it's been so long since I've had anything See's - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that See's will see their way to my address! Yayyy for Chocolate!

Rachel said...

Chocolate is definitely my weakness. Our church is on a 21-day fast and I chose chocolate and caffeine. What was I thinking? This would be a nice way to break my fast!

Randi said...

Sue, you know what motivates a tsg. Chocolate . . . sounds wonderful. I e-mailed some friends to let them know about your blog!

Rachel said...

mmmm! Button added!

jenny said...

Just added the super cute button!

Missy said...

loved your book! is there anyway that we can buy them in bulk for a women's bible study?

eternity driven said...

I just added the button! =)

Pamela said...

did somebody say, "chocolate??"

Kecia said...

I love See's candy!! And I've enjoyed reading your blog, as well. :)

Rebecca said...

Love See's candy!