Wednesday, March 25, 2009

because-moms-rock giveaway: a mother's heart (comments closed)

Each Wednesday for the next 6 weeks we are going to have giveaways in honor of moms.
6 fantastic moms have offered up their lovely wares to celebrate the fact that moms rock.
This week one tsg will get the chance to wear something sweet.
The Mother's Heart charm from Bonbon Charms.

Last week I was rearranging pavers in our backyard trying to form a little patio
by our storage shed. I had my shovel. My dirt. My brick borders. My pavers.
I was sweating. Those of us unused to hard labor tend to sweat.
Scott came out to chat and caught sight of me and said,
"What's up, Mom Foth jr.?"
He call's my mom Mom Foth. I love that he compared me to my mom.
Not that I am that much like my mom in ways of gardening...I tend to kill instead of nurture.
But my mom is a gardener extraordinaire. She brings things to life.
Roses. Lilacs. Pansies. Tulips. She's a nurturer of plants and of people.
One of my favorite memories of my mom when I was little was when we would walk home from school in the winter for lunch.
She would have lunch for us along with blankets to warm up in and hot chocolate.
It was her care for us, small daily expressions of love, that made the ordinary special.
Those things shaped me and my sisters and brother into who we are.
We knew we WERE her heart....and still are, come to think of it.
Put your favorite mom memory in the comments for a chance to win the mother's heart for your mom, your sister, your best girlfriend or you know, for you.
I wear mine with my boys names encircling the heart every day.
Erica, from Bonbon Charms, has also offered a 20% discount using the discount code, TSG, for those of you who would like to place an order for mother's day. The discount is available until next Wednesday.
Comments close Tuesday, March 31 @ 9 pm. Winner announced April 1st.

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Meg said...

The morning of my wedding, my mom showed up at my door at 7:30 am completely dressed and made up and said, "What can I do?" I let out a huge sigh and gave her all the tasks a girlfriend had flaked on. What a blessing.

Christy said...

Thank you for sharing such a sweet story. One of my favorite memories of my Mom is that we could miss school one day during the year for what we called and "R&R (rest and relaxation) Day". It was fun because first we were missing school, but it also meant just staying home or going out with Mom. I now have three children of my own (18, 12, and 11) and have carried on the tradition with them:)

What a fun thing you are doing with these give aways too!

Beth K said...

The week I came home from the hospital with my first born and experienced the typical let down of hormones and emotions, I remember my mom sitting in bed with me while I cried my eyes out, and she kept up a steady stream of encouragement until I felt better. Everything that she said has stayed with me and made me feel like I really can do this mom thing too. Last week when I came home with my second son, my mom was right there with her hugs and encouragement to comfort away any tears I had. Definitely my best mom memories and moments!

Cherlynn Fagerheim said...

I wrote this on August 27, 1987. It was read at her funeral on August 30, 1987 by my dad.

In God's promises from Isaiah
Through fire, river and floods
Faithful and strong she was
A proud little girl she made me

In good times or bad
She enjoyed life like she had
Not a word of complaint
With love for all
A proud little girl she made me

She filled her days with Jesus' ways
His truth, her faith
Has set her free
From earthly life that dies
A proud little girl she made me

A legacy of grace to follow
The roads she walked
The lives she touched
An inspiration she was
A proud little girl she made me

The steps of time
Can only heal
The broken hearts left behind
So why complain and suffer pain
In God's strength and redeeming love?
A proud little girl she made me

As I look back
And shed a tear (s)
I'll never forget the love he gave
And always...
A proud little girl I'll be

My mom was THE and I miss her every day! This wasn't my favorite memory but it certainly encompasses WHO SHE was and what she meant to me. Happy Mom's day all you TSG's!!!

Jessi said...

I certainly have lots of good memories of my mom, but I would say maybe the best would include my post-partum weeks after my first born who was so tiny, had gagging issues and didn't want to nurse. My mom totally understood when I broke down and said I just didn't think I could - or even wanted to be - a mom! She told me that it was okay to feel that way, and normal. She said she'd babysit and sent me out on a date with my hubby. Even though on our way out I completed freaked out my husband as we headed to the mall for dinner by telling him I just wanted to run and never come back and that I could NOT do the mom thing (he only agreed to a baby cuz I had said I COULD handle it, as he already thought he couldn't!), after a few hours away I couldn't wait to get back to hold my precious baby girl. My mom was so right, and was a huge comfort and encouragement to me in the months and years to come. Now, after finding out we CAN do this parenting thing (we had 3 more after that first one!) I'm so grateful for all my mom did for me in those earliest days.

eternity driven said...

I remember going with my mom and sisters into Baskin Robins BAREFOOT~giggling all the while at how sneaky and rebellious we were being since the sign out front said No shirt, no shoes, no service. A fun, silly mom memory!

Marty said...

I have a memory of your mom from Bethany...this stuck in my mind when you returned from home and your mom had given you towels for school. I just remember you walking in to Gerhardt declaring your thanks to your mom for the gift. I thought that was a sweet "mom" thing to do and it never left my mind!

My mom was always the listener for me. I remember getting home late at night and going into her room to tell her about the latest thing. I can recall several times as I slept walked into her room and woke up as I was sitting on her bed, then we would talk for a while and go back to bed :) How sweet is that for her to be ok with me interrupting her precious sleep to talk with her sleep walking daughter? I need to thank her for that! This bon bon would be for her if I won!

Dorothy said...

My son was in the NICU for a week after he was born and my mom staying in the hospital with me (on an aerobed) until we could bring him home. She always has been a hufe support and encouragement to me.

Bets said...

I don't have one specific childhood memory that sticks out, persay, but what I think of when I think of my mom is her hands. So soft, smelling of Avon lotion, nails perfectly rounded - cool on my face when I was sleepy or sick. I'm very conscious of how my hands feel when I touch my own children, because those are good memories.

Lindsey said...

I think of every time I've been sick, my mom is always there doing those motherly things, taking care of me at my worst.

Rachel said...

My first year in high school I wanted to be on the swim team.
Unfortunately, swim practice was before school and I am not a morning person. Each morning, as I drug myself out of bed at some ungodly hour, my mom would be downstairs ready and waiting to drive me to practice in the dark. Now that's a mom who made something important to her because it was important to me. Thanks Mom.

ronda said...

Gosh, so many memories, so little space. My mom made us Easter outfits every year that were adorable. I always thought she was so stylish. I'm in jeans and a top, so, I often wondered if we were really related. Great memories of cleaning rooms at the boarding house my family owned and then treating my mom with my own money to a chocolate soda w/vanilla ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. Made me feel so grown up. She's been there through the birth of my two kids and has helped me through this season of life in dealing with so many of our family passing away in the last four months. She blesses her children and those around her daily.

Randi said...

To save money, my my mom baked bread for us every Saturday. She would make three batches and form four loaves, have enough for homemade pizza on Saturday night and usually cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. She did this for at least 15 years. My brothers and I love homemade bread while my mom would have much rather purchased white bread at the store. No way, Mom!

Gayle said...

My Mom was a most unique and brave woman. When my father died, she asked my brother and I if we would like to go to Florida. We thought she meant visit, but she meant MOVE to Florida. So in the middle of a cold and snowy New England winter we packed all we could get in the old sation wagon. She said we would go as far south as the car would take us. The car broke down in Georgia. She took one look at the red dirt and decided to have the car fixed. We were on our way again and ultimately made it to the Tampa Bay Area. She was a brave and determined woman who worked very hard to make a good life for herself and her children in spite of many detours along the way. I am thankful and grateful.
Be blessed today

Anonymous said...

Sis Dale was the closest thing I have ever had to a real mother. She did so many of the little things for me. I did not meet Dale until I was 25, but she cared for me the way I think all Mothers should care for their children. But if I had to narrow it down to 1 great thing...she taught me how to be a "real" Mom, and daughter, and for that I will always love her and be eternally grateful!!

Pamela said...

My favorite mom memories are when my mom would take vacation around Christmas to stay home and bake with me or we'd make "shrinky dinks" or some Christmas craft. She also used to play this fun "bicycle game" where we'd put out feet together and "ride". Mostly it was the laughter of these fun times. And, she always had a piece of chocolate in her purse from some business lunch or outing. :) She still stashes chocolate at her house and even hides it at my house when she has come for a visit! :)

Kecia said...

My mom does rock. She's done so much for me, and showed me so much love, it's hard to pick just one story. We moved a lot when I was little, and she managed to always make us feel at home. She told us that home is anywhere we are all together--house,duplex, tent, or car. I'm so thankful for my Mom!

Rebecca said...

I have two moms - one by nature who went to live with God when I was young and another that raised me and has been there for me and my sibilings in every sense of the way. I'm blessed for sure!