Friday, April 17, 2009

19 things on a friday

It has come to my attention lately that I am very VERY good
at reciting all the things that are hard or wonky or pressing or irritating
through out the my head.
Sometimes I say them out loud but mostly I just chatter silently to myself all the live long day about the things that I wish would go away or were different or that hadn't happened or that would happen and I take very little time to chatter about the things that I'm glad have come or are just the way they are or that have happened and such.
I've always thought that once you say things out loud
they are more real and bear more weight.
So I've decided to write a list...out loud...on the blog.
To remind myself of all the goodness that fills my days and really, should fill my mind.
So here we go. I should say these are in no particular order of importance.
1. vicks vapor rub (priceless in the war against allergies and colds...I like how it tingles)
2. dark chocolate
3. soft cotton
4. tomatoes from the garden
5. my boys smiles
6. Scott's humor
7. This line from Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry:
"But faith is not necessarily, or not soon, a resting place.
Faith puts you out on a wide river in a little boat, in the fog, in the dark."

(I have felt that - so amazing to read it.)
8. my bed
9. washing machines and dryers
10. the friendship of cousins
11. laughter from the gut
12. forgiveness
13. sprinkler systems
14. miracles
15. good story telling
16. dark coffee and strong tea
17. super girlfriends
18. summer plans with family
19. can openers that work
How about you?

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm cheating, because I'm stealing this list from one of the very first posts I ever wrote.

But it's still accurate, so what the heck:
1. A bowl of Cracklin' Oat Bran topped with ice cold milk and perfectly ripe red strawberries.
2. The sound of birds singing in the trees outside my window.
3. My kids playing and laughing together.
4. Chicken Salsa Chili with all the toppings.
5. An uninterrupted time of Bible study and prayer.
6. Canoeing in The Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
7. Going out for coffee with my husband.
8. Stephen Curtis Chapman on the radio.
9. Being tan. (I know, I know. But I'm going for authentic here, and well, that's the truth.)
10. People who make me laugh and people who laugh with me.
11. "The Chronicles of Narnia."
12. A long, hot shower. Uninterrupted.
13. The sounds and smells of Del Mar Beach.
14. Any breakfast at Hash House A Go-Go, but preferably the mango-coconut flapjacks.
15. The expectation of God's promises. (My favorite lately -- Psalm 145:13-19.)
16. When my husband brings me flowers.
17. A fresh tomato out of my garden.
18. Lilacs.
19. Sun sparkles on water.
20. Daily Believing God.

Me said...

Great idea for a post!

1. My 3 year old nephew saying "I love you!"
2. My 6 year old niece telling me that I'm her best friend.
3. Incredible sunrises on the way to work.
4. Bluebonnets along the highway.
5. Sparkly things.
6. Times when God speaks to me.
7. Hearing a baby giggle.
8. Getting involved in a really good book.
9. Sleeping late on a Saturday.
10. Michael W. Smith concerts
11. Joyce Meyer conferences
12. The feel of my knitted sheets
13. Playing with my dogs.
14. Waking up on Christmas morning. (I still sorta believe in Santa ;) )
15. Buying surprise gifts for people.
16. Thinking about what Heaven will be like.
17. Taking a nap on the couch on a Saturday afternoon while my husband plays video games on the computer.
18. Laughing with my sister when I go visit her.
19. Knowing that I've been a blessing to someone.

Amy said...

Thank you for the reminder to think positive. I do that too, make lists in my head, talk to myself.

What I am thankful for-a Saturday full of sunshine, my daughter's belly laugh, walk with my teenager and contemplating life with my pre-teen(who reminds me everyday, she will be a teenager soon)this I am thankful, too.

Andie Anderson said...

I love being reminded to look at life half full, I'm more of a pessimist by nature, so it takes me being proactive to think positively.

1. A Savior who loves me despite all my shortcomings
2. Loving husband
3. Healthy adorable kids
4. Warm sunshine
5. Tickle fights
6. Green Tea
7. Chocolate
8. A car that works
9. Options
10.Our old townhome (I complain about you a lot, but you're housing many of my kids' memories at the moment - not to mention a roof over our heads.)
11. Parks with sand
12. Parks with turf
13. Awesome So Cal weather to enjoy the parks
14. Amazing sunsets
15. Morning cup of coffee
16. pedicures
17. Soft jammies
18. blogs
19. Good books! (I'm currently reading yours, and it's awesome.)

Kecia said...

I'm doing the same thing as Kelly@LoveWell--from my very first post!
1. Being loved--by my Lord, my husband, my kids, my Mom, my friends...
2. Worshiping with other believers
3. My kids' chalk drawings on the driveway
4. Starbucks
5. Chocolate
6. Shopping
7. Drinking a mocha from Starbucks while shopping (is that a sin?)
8. Re-connecting with old friends
9. White snow against a blue sky (don't see that as much as I used to...)
10. When people get along (my kids, siblings, in-laws, etc)
11. Good music
12. Funny things kids say
13. Watching my kids play at the pool or beach and getting that slightly-sunburned-but-don't-really-care-buzz from being outside all day (get that more than I used to!)
14. Inside jokes with my husband
15. Realizing God is in control, knows more than I do, is more powerful than I am, and loves me more than I can understand
16. Hugs
17. Participating in leading someone to faith in Christ
18. Watching them get baptized
19. Watching them grow in Him
20. Newborn baby feet

Erin said...

I wrote this list on our chalkboard wall during a particular difficult weeks in January:
1. My yellow, green, and blue mixing bowls
2. Watching yeast "melt" and then..
3. Kneading bread dough when it's the perfect texture, and "punching it down" and then...
4. The smell of baking bread. Mmmmm!
5. Watching movie credits (in the theater)
6. Words and letters as art
7. The colours yellow, green, and blue
8. Senseo and Kicking Horse coffee
9. The way the sun shines through the front window at 10am during the winter
10. Meadows
11. Gros grain ribbon and scrapbooking supplies
12. Simple sewing projects
13. Old buildings
14. Notepads and lists
15. Playing card and board games
16. My lime-green vacuum cleaner
17. Reusable grocery bags