Tuesday, April 21, 2009

everyone needs a "life is good" mug

When I was in Texas with my friends, Barbie and Leslie,
Leslie got us all matching yellow mugs that say "love bug" with a cute ladybug on one side and "Life is Good" on the other.
They look like these.

So I have been having my morning cup of coffee in it every morning.
The other day, Scott asked me, "How many of those mugs do you have?"
"Just one - I wash it." He looked relieved.
But the thing is that one of the easiest times for me to remember that life is good is when I am drinking my milky cup of coffee in the morning.
Just smelling it brewing lifts my spirits.
It seems that life has a way of getting at you and dragging your spirits down.
Like when you are doing the Love Dare book and your dare for the day is to ask your husband to tell you 3 things that you do that irritate him and he responds by saying,
"Can I print them on a t-shirt?" and your oldest who overheard your question, starts immediately in on all the myriad of irritating qualities he feels you have and you are forced to tell him,"I am not Love Daring you...stop saying the things about me that irritate you.
Like when you take the time to wash your slipcovered furniture and put it back on,
which my friend Lindsey, who also has slip covers agrees can be a undertaking that
taxes one good nature, and less than 24 hours later your son says,
"Come here, Mom." And takes you to your freshly laundered slip covered chair
and says, "Look." and you look but you are not really sure what you are seeing.
You just know that whatever THAT is should not be on your slipcovered chair.
He is looking reticent and not owning up to throwing up so you are forced to say
in the presence of many others,
"Did that come from your mouth or your bottom?"
Which if you think about it, is very terrible either way it goes for both you
and the child.
So he determines it came from his mouth which you are kind of glad and sad about
all at the same time and you have to set to re-cleaning the slip cover and this
makes you gag. Because even though you have mothered for over 8 years you are
still not prepared when things with the bodily fluids take place.
So all that to say, it is good at the start of each day to remind oneself with a nice hot cup of coffee in a mug that says life is good.
Just in case you forgot.

ps this isn't a giveaway away post - but look for the Taking Tuscany by Renee Riva post tomorrow! And you have one day left to sign up for the Everyday Grace giveaway!

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Leslie said...

Looking at the mug right now. Still needed that reminder. Love you!

Kara said...

Oh yeah. I SO wouldn't want to do the Love Dare with my kids. Brutal! Well - Michael would probably be kind to me. :-) Love the mugs! Will I win this round of giveaways?? Only Jesus knows.

C'mon Jesus!

susanna said...

I should clarify that this isn't actually a giveaway....since I am having so many giveways....sign up for the one tomorrow Kara Lynn Dawn! :)

Girly Muse said...

what IS it about clean slipcovers?! it's just like shiny, white billboard shouting, "THROW UP HERE!!!"
bless your sweet heart.
how wonderful it is to have coffee and a lovely mug. when i picture you, i will picture you in the sunshine, sipping out of that sunshiney mug.

Carrie said...

Life IS good - and I love their stuff, too. :) So cute!

Me said...

I'm embarassed to say that the ONLY reason I am not doing the Love Dare with my husband is because of that "List 3 things about your spouse" thing. I doubt my husband could stop at 3. Then I will feel bad. Then I will get upset, and cry. Then we'll have an argument. Then he will feel lousy (I hope.) Then I will feel lousy for making him feel lousy. Then I'll throw the book across the room and say forget it.
So, I'm just saving us an argument and time by not doing it in the 1st place.
I sent the book to my sister ;)

Sharon said...

Bodily fluids and gag reflexes! This is why I love reading your blog.