Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's been awhile since I haven't posted in an entire week.
So I'm going to try and make up for it all in one day.
And I dare say, you will be sorely disappointed. Sorry about that.
Somehow subbing at Addie's preschool, working on a new book proposal,
attending end of the year functions, doing bills
and birthday planning has sucked the creative energy right out of me.
But let's give it a shot anyway.
On memorial day we went up to Huddart park tucked back into the hills of Woodside.
Huddart park is full of hiking trails and we took the boys back into
the deep wilderness. Let me just say up front that I can handle only so much of nature and than I would like to go home and drink a cup of tea and read a good book.
But the boys took to the hiking like it was in their blood which it probably is.
Scott led the crew and I brought up the rear noticing how quickly it seemed that we left anything civilized like bathrooms far behind.
(Note to self: Go to the bathroom before you begin the hike)
Jack had brought a month's worth of gear tucked into his back pack and he wore flip flops which can be difficult to hike in.
(Note to Jack: remember tennis shoes next time.)
But he was the first to whip out a pair of binoculars to study the water bugs skidding across the water on their paddle like feet.
Will made his way across the log that bridged a small creek. belly down, conquering fear and arriving at the other side triumphant.
The weather was perfect, warm and a little breezy.
The trees cocooned us along the trail. We could hear our footfall in the leaves that littered the trail. It was pretty serene and lovely and other worldly.
And Addison was taking it all in.
We noticed first and foremost that horses also hike these trails with their riders.
We came across a whole lot of horse doo doo on our hike.
As we passed one significant pile, I said, "Addie, watch out for the poop!"
And he looked up at me with wise three year old eyes and said,
"There's always poop in the jungle."
And I had the thought, "That'll preach, son, it surely will."
Sometimes my inner thoughts take on a southern twang.
So here is my thought for this week per our memorial day hike.
If you are ready for an adventure there is surely one out there waiting for you.
Take some good friends along. Use the bathroom before hand.
And don't wear flip flops.
Then go for it. Conquer some fear. Enjoy it. Take it all in.
Just remember to mind your step.
Because there is always poop in the jungle.

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Kelly @ Love Well said...


These are the lessons God has for us, if we just open our eyes to His fingerprints. (And to the poop on the trail. Because if we can avoid it, all the better.)

Rachel said...

The last six lines of this blog are so quotable, I just had to forward it to my friend. The advice is so applicable to our lives right now. I especially like the parts about taking a friend along and using the bathroom before hand and I can relate completely to the poop in the jungle comment. Thanks, once again, for your timely and wise words.

Barbie said...
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Barbie said...

Sue ~ love the jungle/southern twang of this post! Good stuff, my friend ~ it'll preach.
Love you, Barb