Wednesday, May 20, 2009

words and their meanings

I love words.
I love how they fit together in sentences and
I love how they are strung together each word affecting the one next to it.
But I have found as each child of mine has been born that
a lot of words have changed meaning.
What I'm saying is that whereas before
a night out = Scott and I going out and staying out past 10 pm
now a night out = me going to the grocery store after 7 pm without children
Here is a look at the tired supergirl dictionary at present.
cleaning = picking up toys no cleaning products are needed
deep cleaning = cleaning out the toys from under the couch
cleaning the bathroom = asking Scott to clean the bathroom (which he does and for that I love him with all of my heart)
fast food = dinner that took 45 minutes to prepare being inhaled at the speed of light
nutrition = food that is the color of vegetables
whole foods = food that has not been stepped on
the food pyramid = the stack of food particles that Addison refuses to eat and has stacked asymetrically on his plate
dinner and a movie = a mcdonald's 2 cheeseburgers meal and a blockbuster run
a good nights sleep = a night when one is not interupted by a vomiting child
a really good nights sleep = only being woken twice in the night
a fantastic nights sleep = have not yet experienced this kind of sleep
good communication = both people have each other's cell phone #'s on speed dial
great communication = they check each others facebook pages and comment lovingly
fantastic communication = talking on the couch while eating cheeseburgers and watching a movie from blockbuster
the kids get along well = no one has killed anyone else
the kids love each other = they are occasionally courteous to one another mostly after one of them has not seen the other in a day or so
working together as a family = no one has killed anyone else
family dynamics = how the parents interact with the kids so everyone is occasionally courteous to everyone
family devotions = everyone is devoted to not killing each other and loving God
life is good = life is good...that one doesn't change.
Any definitions out there you want to share?

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Girly Muse said...

Your list is perfect.

I only have a couple to add...on the subject of bathing...

Good bath= A bath with me and only one child

Great bath= A bath where said child is just standing on the side throwing things in the bath and I only get hit with the bottle of shampoo twice.

Fantastic bath= I don't remember

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

Boy have have got those things spot-on.... I loved reading this post especially!
Funny how life changes from out teenage years to our older adult lives, isn't it?

Here's one:
"I'll have a drink"-- used to be the possiblity of something involving alcohol
"I'll have a drink"-- the selection in the refridgerator now includes KoolAide, Lemonade, PowerAde, and GatorAde (but at least for now does not yet include prune juice.)

Little Do said...

I sadly relate to all of them, except "Scott doing the bathroom." I have yet to see my hubby clean a toilet. Here are my additions…

Going to the bathroom: sitting on the toilet with a toddler staring up at me
Going to the bathroom in peace: sitting on the toilet, door locked and little fingers wiggling underneath accompanied with screaming on the other end "MOMMMMMYYY!"

Taking a shower: a five minute rinse off with a toddler staring into the shower at me
Taking a shower in peace: a five minute rinse off while toddler sits in front of the TV screaming "MOMMMMMYYY!"

Kara said...

Love the list Sue! Hilarious, Sad and True - all at the same time! The day you start ranting and raving about how refreshed you feel and how you slept in until 10 and you can't believe that you slept THAT long, well, you might have to change the titles to your future books to something like "Confessions of a girl who experienced a miracle" or "my bangs look good and now i want to just go rest some more because 12 hours didn't seem like enough last night". Ahh. Yes. You will write those books. Right after all the kids graduate from college and before the grandkids start coming! :-)

Meg said...

the best thing in the world: hearing "Thank you" or "I love you" with little or no prompting

Lora said...

Hilarious, Sue! Made me laugh out loud.

Sadly, I would have to say that a "Good Bath" would be a thorough wipe down with a wipie removing all visible dirt spots right before running out the door!