Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a new haircut and a solemn vow

You've seen me with horrific bangs.
You've seen me when I went brunette and looked like Susanka Aughtmonskova, Russian spy.
So here is the latest.
Sassy hair by Darlene.

I took the picture myself...can you tell by the odd way my arms are stretched
straight out in front of me. I'm all class, people. I really am.
And it is at this time that I will take a vow.
The No More Cutting Bangs vow.

I, Susanna Aughmton, do solemnly swear to leave my bangs alone.
I promise to hold them in high regard and never chop them on a whim again
as long as we both shall live...or until I grow elderly and go bald.
I promise to call others in times of bang crisis so that they will have the
chance to dissuade me before I take a pair of kitchen shears in hand.
I promise to leave my bangs alone even when they are long and limp and making
me crazy nuts and go to supercuts for a $5 bang haircut instead.
In the presence of these solemn witnesses (all tsgs reading this)
I promise to stop terrorizing my husband with my hideous bang cuttings and vow
to try and heal the deep bang rift that has been rent in our marital vows.
In the name of all of those hair dressers everywhere who have had to repair
terrible shorty short crooked bangs, I make this vow.
TSG's Honor.

Okay, I feel better now.
And I feel certain Scott will hold me to this.
For the sake of our marriage.

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scott aughtmon said...

Amen and amen. I believe now that my irrational "bang fears" will finally go away!

Girly Muse said...

i cannot tell you the relief i feel in reading this.

apparently i was holding all your bang stress in my gut.

i will now let it go. lay it down.

Tara said...

Hot haircut, mama! That's a cut that always deserves to be down! Woo!

An NCC tsg,

Rene G. said...

Yeah...but look at those arms! Dude, they're CUT! I mean, those are like Michelle Obama arms.

heather said...

Cute hair!!!

BizzieLizzie said...

Love the "do"! It looks awesome on you, and yeah - I noticed those "cut" arms too! Flex 'em girlfriend!

Melanie said...

I love the haircut! And really, the bangs look great. You must not have hacked them as bad as you said you did...I was expecting around a 1/2" of hair or something up there!

ronda said...

Love your haircut!! Remember how you feel now next time you're tempted to cut those bangs!

lyndabyrd said...

Take this picture and put it up near the scissors to remind you of this oath. And thanks be to Darlene and Jesus, who gave her this gift, for another fantastic save. And may the fear of Darlene give you strength to keep this cutting of the bangs from happening again! BTW, the 2nd thing I noticed were those arms! keep it up, girl!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I might need to take your pledge. I went in for a bang trim last week, and the stylist clipped me a little too short (at my recommendation; d'oh!).

Can I get a guarantee that I will look as cute as you if I join up?

Kara said...

Poor Scott. Is he ok?? ha! ha! Well - sassy sally. I am not sure what the bangs looked like pre-professional trim - but you look awesome now! Love the haircut. You look smashing!!

Rachel said...

Super cute haircut! Thanks for the photo. Now remember, all of your tsgs are going to hold you to that no bang cutting vow.

Rachel said...
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